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YS 63S or Saito 82

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Just curious what everyone's choice would be between the 2 engines. The price is about the same and I beleive the weigh the same. Just want to know what is more reliable and what has more power.
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I have had this choice too. I went for the 82 because I can't afford 20% nitro fuels.
My YS .63 is the most powerful friggen engine I have ever purchased. Its compared to most .91 FS in my opinion.
ys 63 apc 13/4 30% cool power on profiles. i got the 82 in a h9 cap 232 apc 14/6 the 82 has ounces more pull but its not as smooth at mid power
I have about 5 tanks thru my YS63 fz turning a APC 13 X 6 sport prop, All I can say is WOW!!! Its on a 4lb 5oz Sledge and it rocks!!!I plan on replacing my Webra 50 now...I'm running 25% nitro 18% oil synthetic...
they are both good. me, I'm a saito golden knight man. never had to send one off for repairs. plenty power. not fussy. my buddy bob only flies ys. does the same on the same planes... but ask how many he's sent off for repairs :D

so, buy the one that appeals to you more; they will both do the job! and if getting the 63s- consider removing the regulator and bolting to the airframe. bob's ran FLAWLESS for 4 months but regulator wore out pushrod orings. he got it back last week and had them leave regulator loose, he bolted to fuse. is running flawless again!

...but my gk ran flawless the whole time :D ...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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