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You just gotta love it!

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I love this forum!

Look at the build threads of one of a kind birds..

Lancelow and his SU-26

Kenny and his Yak..

The Coinmonster and his GeeBee

Quicker's Katana E

TailTwisters Big Sledge

My little E Sledge..

Swany's Mojo..

Matchless' Boxer..

When guys want something outside the mainstream, they just build it! Some great talent, neat birds.

And to think that some places would put a stop to build threads. Man, you take away a modelers ability to share his ideas, or check out the other guy's ideas, and you are just killing the hobby.

So thanks guys for the cool build threads.
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It is a great place to get new ideas! I like the build threads too :D
Amen Chuck, Who would have ever thought about sharing info and idea and talk like an adult!
I think we are doing pretty damn good for such a small splinter faction and I'm damn glad to be a part of it!
Boy Chuck.. Really hit the nail on the head..... No wonder I was soo upset when the other place took away my abuility to share my idea's....

It's soo nice to have a place that freely promotes the sharing of information and idea's.....

You've come up with some pretty kick ass stuff yourself Chucky...
Thanks Chuck! I couldn't have said it better myself. I think one of the best things about this hobby is the sharing of ideas, designs, etc. Knowing that other people can use/appreciate this info is very gratifying :) This website is full of great information that would be hard to find otherwise.

What they all said plus;

I heard about this site from a really nice guy on (That other site) who sold me a Pizazz and delivered it to Houston. Now that's a nice guy. I came here out of curiosity and a desire to try something new. Was getting tired of overpriced giant scale kits and flying around in circles. I guess it took about four trips to the site and I was Hooked! I bought two profile kits from Morris Hobbies, great place, BTW, and finished my TopCap yesterday. Charged it up allnight and flew my nutsack off today. I ain't had this much fun since the hogs ate my little brother. Won't be no more fatties in my hangar. Now all I gotta do is fly til I learn how to do this stuff and I'm a happy camper.
A 4 lb TopCap with 8 lb of pull from the engine WILL go straight up until you shut the throttle off. Rolls about twenty feet and leaps into the air at 90 Degrees.

None of this would have been possible for me had it not been for you guys being so open and friendly and willing to share information.
So, Thanks to all of you, I love this shit.
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Chuck is right. This forum rocks.
Great post Chuck. It's so great there are other's out there that take the road less traveled and build both from plans and there own designs. I use to like RCM magazine for that reason but now it's mostly ARFs :( But the Bros keep the construction going. Great job Guys :D
Your right Chuck. This forum kicks ass!! And I would venture to say it probably worries some of the "Big Companies". Or at least pisses them off. lol
Amen to that Chuck. Too bad (for them) others do not agree. Now we need not worry about someone else's ideas of right versus wrong or good versus bad.

The Bros (and this site) have put many folks back on track on what modeling is all about. This mindset we share has turned this hobby back into a challenge for me. I challenge myself and others to be better in all aspects of modeling. That includes flying, building, design (bashing), and sharing.

Let's all fly the same planes, and always in the same way. Now how much fun is that? It's much more fun to fly outside of the box. And now, with a little help, I'm building outside of the box as well.

BTW, the Super Sledge goes up the weekend of 10/3.
BTW, the Super Sledge goes up the weekend of 10/3.
Take pics and get vid! At least pics. That's a cool project you got going.
Ill be there taking pics. Not sure about vid though. Either way I cant wait.


Too damn true. I believe that this is helping every Bro. Be it building something out of the ordinary, or just making us think outside the box. And to think that some suppress this kind of knowledge and creativness. SUCKERS :lol:
I'll try to get Jay here to shoot video. He has a good camera that loads right to his PC.

My camcorder is Digital, but after trying for a while, I cannot get it connected to my PC.

Between the stills and what vids we get, it should tell the tale of the test flights.
I second that........all of it..........even what Chuck said!!
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