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Hello all,
I have been flying with friends and family here in phoenix for as long as I can remember... more recently began learning 3D with a freestyle3D. The newest planes the rest of the group has been flying are profiles, (SIG Fazor&OMP Edge to be exact.) I think im hooked now. :twisted:

So which one should I get? Could build(time is short though) would like to cover(best part of building) most of all it needs to perform! I am still debating scale though... 46=faster into air -- 80"= :shock:

Any suggestions?? PS would like to use 4 new 3004 fut. servos left over from new 7c radio if possible...

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If you have the cash, since time is short, get the Extreme Flight Edge 540 ARF. If you don't have the cash, I'm really liking the way OMP is building the new stuff with the foam fuses, and they have good prices for the kits.

Any of the 46 sized planes will work fine with your 3004 servos.

ive been doing a little more looking.. i will go look at the E F edge.
i am considering the aero works giant 3d trainer now
those 3004's might just have to wait a little longer to get broke in lol
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