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Yak, covered, finished, ready for Nashville

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Well it is to late for a build thread, but here are a few pics of my foam fuse, foam wing Yak I have been working on. A little more sanding and she will be ready to cover. Wish Gator was my next door neighbor!

specs: 852 sqin wing area
wing span: 49.5 in
weight: 23.5 oz's as pictured, should weigh around 4lbs and a couple oz's with OS50 or under 5lbs with a 60-90 size engine(not sure what this size engine weighs or what engine I am going to use)


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Cool, I remember the cored-out foam articles did on what-is-place, that turned out really neat 8)

It'll be done by Nashville?? ?? ???
Man that should be a real floater with all that wing. Looks great man keep up the work.
Looks great Kenny..... I love that cored out foam stuff... Really inovative.
Thanks guys! I hope to have a few test flights on it before Nashville.
I got about 6 flights on it this weekend. It was very windy here, but I think I am going to like it. coupling on knife edge is almost nothin, and it acts like it wants to lock into a harrier (wind was terrible this weekend), waterfalls are very nice and can you say rudder authority, this plane definately has rudder.


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That looks great Kenny!! Nice work.
kenny the plane rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
Very neat dude! Wish I had the guts to go out and do something like that! Looks like the wind busted us all up this weekend. :lol:
Nice :D , what did the AUW come to... :?:
Thanks guys :D

It came out a little heavier than I expected it weighs 4lb 7.5 oz's. That mekes a 12.2 oz wing loading. Its a floater and the os 50 still pulls it with authority.
Dude, what do you need Gator for. Thats some kick ass covering. Very nice K
steener said:
Dude, what do you need Gator for. Thats some kick ass covering. Very nice K
Gators shit looks good up close and in shit just looks good in the pics :roll:
WOW Kenny,,,thats BAD ASS!!!! great job...cant wait to see it in person...G
That looks very nice I like the colors!!
I lust I lust I lust that plane..........
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