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Words to Live By.....

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Ya know fellas, we do have a pack mentality and we can come off harsh sometimes. OMP have made their share of mistakes, as have we. I like to jump into an argument just for the sake of argument sometimes but occasionally I do have to step back and make sure it's not getting too stupid.

OMP have taken several on the chin lately, especially from us. Some deserved and perhaps some not. We all screw up and do/say things we wish we could take back. Once they are out there, the damage is done and in this case, it seems to keep getting worse.

I guess my point is that lately we have slammed the door on some potential allies or at the very least some people that could benefit us and I hope that's not a trend that continues. RCU for all it's faults did get us lots of publicity and exposure to the curious flyer that may have never even considered a profile before going to our forum. Hell, it's how I first learned about the Pro Bro's. It's obvious that our relationship with RCU is over and there seems to be no going back even if we wanted to. I hope that we don't do the same to OMP or anyone else unless there is a really good reason.

We are all bros and it's all for the love of flying. I hope we can keep it that way and not become what some "other" sites already claim we are; a pack of bullies. I'm proud to say I'm a Pro Bro and I don't want that to change. At the same time, if many/most of the people we do business with or come in contact with get attacked by us (whether they deserve it or not) it won't be long until the Pro Bro name is a joke and no one takes us seriously at all. Hopefully we can pick our fights and use some judgment in the way we handle them. I may be a *** (I know someone is calling me that right now) but at the end of the day I want be proud to say I'm a Bro and not have to wonder or worry if we've pissed in that guys cheerios too.

Let's all have some fun; let's all talk some shit, but please, let's also use some judgment when we do it. We do have enough voices that with word of mouth we could do some serious damage to someone's business. If we all agree that they deserve it, then so be it. But let's also keep in mind that we can do the same damage unintentionally if we're not careful.

See ya all in Nash I hope

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