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My Burrito is here! Ordered Monday night, and it was sitting by my door when I got home today (Thursday, regardless of what the time stamp on this post might say). Thanks Paul! I'm cleaning up my shop/office/recording studio/storage room now so I can start building when I get home tomorrow. It got her so fast and I've been working so much I haven't even had time to buy building supplies yet! I bought a stinking WingTote Heckler a couple months ago instead of a Burrito because I was too damn impatient to take the time to build, so I got an ARF that the wing fell off of on the second time out, so I had to build anyway and wound up with a POS. But all that is over now. I'm pretty sure the wing won't fall off the Burrito. If it don't fly good, at least I'll know IT AIN'T THE PLANE'S FAULT!!!
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