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Wisconsin Pro Bro event for next year

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We should get started on this. Where is everyone located that would attend? So far I know of a few in my club, a few in Tailtwisters club, and Tater in central Wi. So far your outnumbered Tater.
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Anytime between may and august and I will be there! I will be in Portage and fly at the Lodi Area Radio Control Club in Lodi. Let me know what I can do to help out.

My wife is always happy to make a trip up to Beloit to visit her brother. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to get away for a day to fly with the Bros.
With enough advance notice - I'll be there... wherever.
Any time aside from May and August and we'll need an indoor facility. If next year is anything like this year.

Any suggestions on a date? My suggestion, late june or sometime after the fourth.

Ohh and Tater.....The music will be the heavy shit that you cant understand so you dont get distracted and dork your new burrito. If its done by then...
I'm gonna have to learn me a few Garth Brooks songs just so I can sing all day to steener.
But don't worry - I'll scream at the top of my lungs - head pointed at the floor - microphone pointed at the ceiling - a vain popping out of my forehead - & a little slobber on my chin. You shouldn't have a problem understanding the lyrics then... :p
OK - call it a truce - let's not hijack this thread...
OK......but it does keep it on top 8)
OK - I got my Burrito flying.
Let's plan a WI ProBro.
Have we settled on Green Bay as the location?
No. Not at all. I really just want it to be at a 3D/Pro Bro friendly site. Thats why I started this post. I am looking for suggestions and information. What I do know is that we should get the site and date nailed down as soon as possible but at the same time, do it so with an informed decision.
I think that this will most definately bring other pilots to realize who/what we are and the fun that can be had.


Would your (this is you reading this) site be a good location for a Pro Bro flyin, and why.

My answer:

We have a pretty nice flying field. Slightly out of town, with a set flightline and a tarmac for the pits. As of now, there is no single runway. You determine by the wind. Plenty of parking. The only problem that I can see is that we lease from a small airport. This means that when a scale plane is taking off or landing you must land or fly to the west only. Not a problem for us though really.

Feel free to comment on our flyiing field now that you have flown here.
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I think the first thing to do is get a good feel of where some more bros are (are there any in northern Illinois, Iowa, Minn. that may want to attend???) Just my $.02

Do you think if we met in a central WI location - we have a better chance of bringing some MN Bros in too?
Or do we need to have a big city to bring in the Bros?
Dont no... I've never attemted to even think about orginizing a flyin... I gusse that makes me prettymuch useless for this stuff :D

:horse poop: I just had to throw that in!
Well thats the feedback we need. Who wants to attend and from where. Should it be at your field? It is definately not a compatition. More of a question of the best site to suite the Bros.

Please chime in and give us all your suggstions.

This would make it a cheap trip for me :D

Actually - there is a negative to consider. Our flight line faces south. That puts the sun right in your face during the better part of the day - right damned in the middle of the sky. That picture was around 6PM. My last flight - I took off right into the sun. Hell - I'm still seeing spots!
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That is definatlly a great looking site. Is that right in Wausau?
I know this is a little late on the posting, but I would be interested in a WI ProBro.

The closer it is to IA, the better it is for me. But that's just from my point of view.
Its not too late at all. We are trying to find out who and where still. Tater does have a good looking field though.

How would your club react to a possible Pro Bro flyin? Are they 3d friendly?
Yep - It's about 5 minutes from downtown Wausau...

We only have a few 3d'rs here, but there's a few more in Marshfield (30 minute drive).

Since we don't have that many 3d fliers - I can only speculate if we'd have a problem with the circle jerks. Bottom line - I'd have to bring this up at the monthly meetings & get approval & all that happy horse-shit. So if the circle jerks don't like it - they'll have their chance to shit-can the idea.

On the other hand - Madison would work too. We might draw from the fllat-land & MN. Any Madison ProBros wanna chime in here?
I'm in Madisson often from north dakota visiting relatives. I'm totally there if you have one. I've never been to a probro
I'll be flying most of the day this Saturday. I'm already practicing for our 2005 ProBro.
Should we make it a winter ProBro? We're equipped for the cold - & there would be no chance of a conflicting ProBro date. I have a TX glove I made & can share PICS of it. I got the idea from a guy over at SpadWorld. I used it all last winter with my Bat Trick. This year I'll be able to get both hands in it before I ROG with my Burrito.

OK Bro's - we need more options & more enthusiasm in general if we want this to happen. If I could PM every Bro in WI - I'd sure as hell put a bug in your ears. Let's keep talking this thing up. I want to show of my mad hover skills... as soon as I get 'em.


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