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Windex Trick

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Can someone quickly explain the windex technique. Im confused with all these peeling edges and trim solvent??? :?
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Basically you wet it down with your trim on and squegee it good. After you let it sit over night you can come back with an iron an to seal the edges. That should take care of peeling, but some guys use a little trim solvent on the edges to make sure its on good. I think you ll have good results just by hitting it lightly with an iron.

Oh you do know you need to use Monocote for this. Doesnt work very well with some coverings.
Monokote specifically or just polyurethane covering? Like could i use Goldberg Ultracote?
its polyester, but no, solid ultracote colors dont work, transparents do, its the texture on the adhesive side that screws up the ultracote, but with regular ultracote you really dont need to use the windex method anyway
flyhigh, what are you doing tomorrow scole, pencilshavings, and i are flying in rochester..10AM at the macedon center feild pm scole and he can give u direction
Lots of stuff today cant come, however my dad lives in jamestown and when i go there sometime i might be able to meet you guys somewhere.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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