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will the windex trick work on coroplast?

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want to do a flag design on my profile coro edge. will the windex with ultracoat work? or will it not stick to coro?
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It will work if you squeegee across the flutes not along them. Use very low heat to seal after it dries.
I like sign vynal with coro you can windex it on just fine too!!
the windex trick does not work at all with regular opac ultracoat
the adhesive is too textured, no reason for it anyway just use low heat and ultra is fine, the adhesive backed stuff like trim sheets or sign vinyl will work with windex thats how people put large graphics on everything from boats to billboards :D
Windex will not make UltraCoat stick.

However you can use it to smooth the bubbles out and then use a trim iron around the edges....
Does Ultra work better than Moneycoat? I was trying to get rid of some Mono and it wouldnt stick for shit. As soon as I turned the heat up I could see the coro start to warp. Or maybe I just suck at covering......
Ultracote works fine as a low temp covering on foam. Just use the suggested temps in the instructions.
Ill try some Ultra tommorow morning. Im tired of covering right now.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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