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Who was the VP of Sect. 2 that was the Pro Bro? Cookeville?

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Any Cookeville guys know that guy? I want to vote for him. He sat through almost the whole day and never got upset once. He said we were great. We need that guy to stay in office.
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That was District V AVP Lee Wells.
Good call Billy... I'll keep that name for when my ballot gets here too!
My ballot is here. IT'S NOW OR NEVER!!
I haven't got mine yet... Hopefully soon!
Glad to hear the guy took us well! If He isnt against having fun He has my vote. I havent gotten my ballot either.
How could anyone attend a Pro-Bro and not have fun? I think even a warbird pilot would convert after attending a Pro-Bro! :wink:
Im showing my ignorance NC in the same district as Tn? If so he gets my vote too.
Cost of landing fee at Pro Bro Nashville = $10
Cost of room to stay in Nashville = $49.99/ night
Hearing Billy Hell say "OH SHIT....Do I really want to go over and introduce myself!???!!" during the mass pic with yak hovering overhead = PRICELESS

I guess you would have to have been standing next to him to get it.... :roll: :lol:
Chuck is right Billy, that is Lee Wells, Dist V Asst VP, not an elected position unfortunately, appointed by the D V VP. So you can't vote for him.

Lee is in my club (Columbia RC Flying Modelers) and a super good fellow. Unlike some of our AMA leadership he is an active flyer who makes full use of the extra time retirement offers by usually flying several days a week.

Of course he likes to send e-mails to the club members stuck at work 'saluting those' contributing to Social Security for working while he's flying. All in good humor of course. One of the guys told him he feels like a general he has been saluted so often :roll:

He and a few others from my club came up to witness the spectacle. They all had a great time.
wish we could make Lee a offical Pro Bro with his own member # 8)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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