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which Berg?

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I'm looking at the bergs and need to know which one to get. I plan to use flaperons, will the 5 channel work?

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Yup, you have to manually program the 5 channel to operate as channel 6. Just need to make some leads with servo connectors....takes a few minutes. I don't know why it comes factory programmed for landing gear retracts :x They may have changed it.
I guess that means no mixing either? Can I do this with the 6 channel?
Yes, all the mixing is done in the TX. Once you setup the RX to have ch.6 instead of 5, it all works.
You use channel 1 (ail.) as the master and channel 6 as the slave for your other ail and you can setup spoileron mix for harrier, or flaperon mix for loops and walls, or set up a double throw switch for both.
Or you could set it up on 2 different switches. What a marvel of modern tech. our tranny's are nowdays!
It'll do everything you want....unless you want a retractable landing gear AND split alieron/flapperons. But that's just stupid.... :D
Who in the hell would put retracts on a profile???
That's just plain wrong!
My berg arrived yesterday afternoon!! I placed the order right at 5 pm on Thursday, and it's already here!
Big thumbs up to RC Direct :!: :D :!:
I was also wondering what Berg to get for a Shock Flyer. I will be using a JR TX.

I am assuming the RX I want is the 4 DSP II microstamp at 7g. I noticed that RC Direct and All E RC have it for the same price. I noticed that All E lists it with the crystal included - maybe RC Direct includes it as well, but I didn't see that noted.

I have a 5 DSP II on my shocky with the cover removed and mine works weighs maybe twice my Phoenix 10 I would think. The 5 is typically cheaper than the 4 and you get an extra channel.
i measured my 5dspII at like 9 grams with an azarr litenna and no case. it was like 13 grams with case and antenna.

I went with the 5 so I could use the mixing and do the spoileron/flapperon setup. It makes it so much easier when you can use mixes to fix bad habits like wing rock during harrier and such.
It weights a bit more but having to ability to use split ail. servo's is worth it's weight for me.
The last couple of Bergs I received came with 2 factory jumpers to change channels 5/6. Nice touch, if not a little late. Seems all my connectors to make jumpers were already spoken for...hehe
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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