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Where's BPP

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Anyone know where bishop power products is. I e mailed troy 3 days ago and placed an order 2 days ago and the paypal still hasnt been confirmed. Vacationing in the bahamas I guess 8)
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I had really good service from B-P-P the first few times I ordered stuff from him, but lately he's just almost impossible to get through to. I had a couple of motors on order for over 2 months, every 2 weeks I'd send an email asking for status and try to call. Never got a reply to any of my emails, never answered the phone. I posted in the "Vendors" forum at RCGroups mentioning this, got an email saying the motors were in. Sent PayPal, now no communication again, no motors.
Just 2 weeks ago I got my motor from them. It took about 12 hours to get a reply via email each of the 4 times I sent one.

He did say that his supplier is not giving him reliable information now. They told him the 1020/15 I ordered was comming in, then when it didn't he contacted them and they said they were out of stock again. he must be a low level account for Lehner.

I settled for the 1020/12 instead.
The whole US is a low level account for Lehner. From what I understand, they service their European distributors and whatever is surplus gets shipped to the US on a special order basis. They have no ambition of increasing their production to meet the US demand, there are only 3 US distributors that I know of: B-P-P, Shredair, and RumRunner. Shredair is geared towards the high performance motor gliders, Rumrunner is geared towards boats. I have contacted Dieter at Shredair. He says he can get anything you want, but on a special order, cash up front, you get it when it gets here basis.
The stuff I ordered said in stock, hmm, not a good sign. Anybody got an extra 72 tooth spur gear for a cobri gearbox
If you need parts for the Cobri gearbox, contact They make the Cobri gearboxes and stock the parts.
I just talked to troy and he had my order and has just shipped it. He just didnt communicate that fact in any way. I never even got a pay pal acceptance e mail, oh well they are on the way and he is still there
[sniff armpit] Maybe it's just me?? [/sniffs armpit]

But if I had received a $360 PayPal, and a guy tried calling twice and sent a couple of Emails asking about his status (one of them was a forward of the PayPal transaction), common courtesy would to be at least respond to something...
Got an email (surprise?) saying that he wasn't sure what the status of my order was. Kinda hard to get too excited about it after all this time, but now I have some coin on the table...
Good news!! :D

Lost my $$, order never shipped, I'm out $360! :lol:

Shoulda used Axi's I reckon...
Then you could have at least saw how you wasted your money. :wink:
Oh, I have the transcripts of the transaction for a souvenir. I'll give them a few days to sort it out, and I've contacted PayPal, but this whole deal has just been one pain in the ass from the get-go. I've never had a single bad deal with PayPal, but I run across people all the time who refuse to use them over deals gone bad. If the PayPal end of the deal goes as well as the rest of the deal has, I better start rounding up some more $$.
Who lost your money? Paypal or BPP? And who is it that your upset at?
Chuck please explain this a little better. You lost $360 cause BPP took it, and never shipped your order, but said they did?
I have a receipt from PayPal saying that a transaction to B-P-P was completed. B-P-P says they don't have the money. B-P-P says they won't ship my order since they don't have the money. I don't know who lost it.

I was kinda miffed at B-P-P for taking over 2 months to get something they said would take 2 weeks to get, but not really mad...I understand that sometimes things don't go too smoothly.

I was kinda miffed at B-P-P for never replying to my repeated emails, asking about the order, and never answering my phone calls or returning my calls after I left a message asking them to.....but I had not actually paid for anything, so I had no leverage in the matter.

I honestly don't know what to think about this last deal. If B-P-P would have been a little more upfront in answering my repeated attempts to get in contact with them, I would be a lot less miffed at them now that the money has been sent and they don't seem to know anything about it.

PayPal has never done me wrong, I have (124) by my PayPal username, but I guess there's always a first time.

But when somebody who has repeatedly ignored my emails and phone calls just suddenly happens to be the first bad transaction I've had with PayPal, little lights start going off.

Hopefully everything will work out, but it's gonna be a mighty leap of faith for me to do any more business with B-P-P.
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Ill make ya a deal chuck....send me $360 an you can call or email me anytime you want an Ill be glad to tell you what Im doing with your money. Just so you can live vivaciously through me. Arent I so giving? :D
We have had nothing but trouble with them the last month out here in South Dakota. FWIW.

I really wanted one of their motors. Oh well

Dan :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Dan, give Dieter a holler at Shredair. He has a very good reputation among hotliner guys, and he sells Lehners.
Hey, I received my first order from BPP on monday, Sep 27th. I ordered the monday previous - he had a deal up on his site stating free shipping on all orders between Sep 18th and the 21st - and all such orders would ship after the 21st. That kinda sounded like he was out of town or something. Wonder if that was part y'alls' problem getting a reply from him. Chuck, I did notice while surfing there that all the Lehners were listed as out-of-stock. But you knew that. Hehe.

Anyway, I ordered a motor, Cobri GB, 2 Lipo packs and some other ancillaries. Troy even soldered Dean's connectors on the packs for me at no charge (at my request). Totalled $345.

I got an immediate reply from PayPal, and an e-mail from Troy the next day (21st) stating that he would be soldering my packs shortly and mailing after that. Like I said, got it on Mon the 27th.

Maybe I just got lucky. I hope others will continue to add their experiences with BPP to this post. My first order may be my last if I keep hearing this feedback.

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I have had these motors on order since June 14th. They are not listed on his website, I knew going in that they were special order and would take longer. I honestly had forgotten how long they were on order, I was thinking it was only 2 months, looks like over 3. That's not the problem.

At any rate, I PayPal'd the funds 9-20.

Glad you got yours in a timely manner, I always did up until this order. I just have a bad feeling due to all the emails that were not returned, the phone calls ignored. He had to have known I had at least a passing interest in the order, now this.

Like I said, I hope everything works out great and it's just a little glitch. I guess it wouldn't have made any actual difference if he had answered every email and then my payment went missing, but it sure goes down crossways when it happens like this.
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