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Hey Mo… Be sure to get a pull on the .60 size version… It will be with me at NorCal.

Motowncali said:
capthis said:
Wild Fred said:
hooks, I think cappy wants your plane!
well Mo or I would at lest fly it... :)
After flying one, I haven't flown another plane this size that compares. I want one that looks just like Wild Fred's avitar. Just something about the pink Sukoi. Years ago, while on a trip to Japan, I stopped in the hobby shop and bought three resin models, I think they are from Kyosho, but have never seen them anywhere else. I have a pink Sukoi, a white and blue extra and a metallic green cap.

I feel for ya on the servo horn issue. some of the mini and micro servos really have odd sized output shafts. D47 and D60, Hitec has i think three different sizes, sometimes I miss the old Futaba square output shaft.
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