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whats r/c 1% mean?

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hey guys ive seen this around quite a bit

whats it mean ?

r.c 1% ?

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Go to the Pro Bro main page and click on the R/C 1% symbol on the top right hand side of the page. You can get a good idea what it means. :) ... ernal.html

Right after I posted that page Dave Brown actaully referred to us as 1% of the RC world. I'm pretty sure he was speaking about the Pro Bros because it was in reference to the number 9 issue.
Like Billy Said!
Proud 1%er!

I'd bet this 1% has 50% of the talent, 60% of the really worn out planes (from really using them up, not much chance for hanger rash :lol: ) and 80% of the fun :tu:
As my friend Kitty explained to the Pasadena, Texas Police Officer after being pulled over for having the nerve to ride, of all things, a Harley-Davidson, thru their peaceful city, the rookie officer asked her, "What's a one-percenter?" Kitty replied, " If we was one-percenters, if he offered me a six-pack to kill you, you'd be one dead cop!". The rookie officer apparently percieved this as some kind of threat, but her partner told her, "She was just answering your question, and that was the best description of a one-percenter I've ever heard." Of course, this only applies to outlaw biker 1%'ers, and not the R.C. kind, but I thought it was worth sharing anyway.
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