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ALLEGEDLY.... (LEGAL disclaimer)

Some Texas flag waiving PUKE on RCG classifieds goes ape shit like his hormone blockers where taken away in a PM that I give him a tracking number which was clearly never discussed or negotiated. He would not take my word that I shipped it that day as promised, he then immediately claims that he just got screwed out of his money. This unhinged behavior clearly caught me off guard, but then he committed the ultimate sin in a banter rant of PM's that " I VOTED FOR BRANDON" which triggered me into a "LETS GO BRANDON" rant that got me a point for "ATTACKING IN A PM" , WTF is that pussy move? ADMIN I'M BEING BULLIED ?? I really just wanted to insure I could send him a reminder when his booster shot was due as a olive branch.

Now I cant even warn others that, on the outside appearance it may look legit but in PM's it gets crazy unhinged.
Hell even the Devil will sell you a fiddle of gold but what's the real cost.


Here is the Texas Estate Vulture, MOTUS OPERANDI:

If Buyer:

Within minutes of original listing, replying 100% of the time and generally first dibs, "PM'd"
Must have some alerts setting then proceeds negotiating lowballing. IF you ever see this in time and have an interest go ahead and post "I'll take it at your asking price, PM payment details. This works more often than not to score the listing.

Claims he has NO paypal account in a PM and asks you to invoice via Paypal.
In my case he reveals in PM's that by doing so he pays with a limited funds Debit Card with an address that is tied to the debit card?? Not technically verified Paypal terms. This was enlightening for myself

Within minutes of a promised ship time he will expect a tracking number WHAT? he never asked or negotiated this detail during lowballing price shipped. This is the come to Jesus time, God forbid something was unclear in the puppet masters mind or life gets in your way be prepared for some PM unhinged behavioral reaction that will leave you stunned and confused. He then will make it clear its his, ball, field and rulebook your playing by and he's the Pro your just an amateur "suck it up cupcake".

At completion he will send the RATINGs LEFT along with the request READ receipt.
This is to insure his points tally reflects high volume POWER Pro Buyer façade with standard mediocre comments at best, nothing noteworthy.

As a Seller:

Pro looking listing with homework done, stating current going pricing and even links exact background and layout in all listings and text template. No problems with that great resource tool for those needing to up their game.

States in listing HE DOES"NT have a Paypal account and only accepts cashier check or Postal money order and will not ship until monies in the bank.
Must be nice, but hey that's his learned Pro level Skillsets MO

If doing a deeper dive into odd ducks one learns allot by first looking at friends and get a feel for how they networked via events, forums, hometown, and then doing a search of "attachments" then screen those to realize if they are walking the walk or talking the talk, in this case his 3 pages of attachments in 10+ years was zero relevant RC content and 100% classified listings.

And lastly a public profile image may be more closer to home than is the feedback.
I seriously DID NOT photo shop this...........

Thanks for that Bro's , I feel much better...........Ahh time for some Kool Aid now I'm woke

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It should not be so hard to avoid them,but theres so many a holes out there your going to cross their trails now and then. No matter how you try,cant please them. Only thing that makes me smile is knowing they have to live with themselves 24 7. What a confused mess that must be.

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Can you believe it,???? This dude is now a C/F convert. We have diplomatically resolved this so as all public persona has been removed. He has paid me my $1.19 AND THEN SOME. What turned the tide you ask.


Building a brand where a post in my blog moderated only by me gets 10K+views in a week, A treat I made him aware. By paying for MEMBER status with every post around the site it shows latest blog entry, I then created a new blog entry with the intent of drawing in more moths to the flame, This one said RCG CLASSIFIEDS POLL this one really got some attention getting 6K in 2 days, 10K by day 4 and currently sits @12K+. The final nail I think was the negative 1 feedback in which the comment was RUN FOR THE HILLS, Contact me as needed, In which I then told him a link to some obscure website in my blog over some busy holiday weekend need only be on for a couple days to view whatever it is I wanted them to be concerned with along with future contacts from the feedback text.

We have since shared many common life adventures in common and I call him a good friend at this point.

VENT you bros are the best soundboard therapy one could ask for.............Whos got the first BRO event of 2022?

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Move on , Need a quiet place to link to,

My .02

Just post a -1 neg and in FEEDBACK post,

RUN, contact me as needed.

Then in your own blog you can list just the facts of your side, YOU alone can now close your blog entry. And now if contacted you can just provide the link to your story or even a link to an offsite written essay not public with even more detailed info as you where contacted. Then "IF" you pay for a premium membership, every post you make on RCG no matter the topic it will show your latest blog entry. In my case 10K+ people will view it in a week. Money talks and censored: walks, see if it was worth his while then .

censored: PER RCG,

Trolling (Provocation)* The post contains content which is designed to elicit an emotional response from other users. 1

Not worth the public argument with this stuff as some just enjoy piling on like some kinda finely tuned "CARTEL" . Heck posting a pic of a P51 would stir some UP, with a and get poster a point. A catch all for sure then you add in the CARTEL , "ALLEDGELY" may even be mods, one has to think outside the box in cases such as yours. THIS SHOULD BE A STICKY


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