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What Exactly is a pin wheel?

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Is that a knife edge loop over and over again?
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More like a knife edge waterfall... Constrictor is the master with his OMP Yak, says he holds full up when he rotates one direction, full down the other.
Confused. :?

So the plane is on its side/knife edging....going in horizontal circles without losing altitude... right?
You start from a hover with the plane stationary, goose throttle, rudder and elevator together and do a knife edge waterfall, returning as close as possible to the same place you started.
It's not so much a KE loop as it is a stall turn with the plane rotating around it's CG.

I've never seen anyone like Constrictor do it, he makes it look so damn easy.
Ok, so if a waterfall is in the vertical axis spinning about the CG.
A pin-wheel is the horizontal axis spinning about the CG...
Just picture the plane hovering, nose up, no airspeed.

Then a full rudder-full throttle burst that makes the plane rotate on it's CG and end up back in a stationary, nose-up hovering attitude.
Ok, yes....I got it...

And all this time I thought it was a child's toy??? :roll:
Ok, yes....I got it...
LoL, if only it were really that easy :-D
rik756 said:
Ok, yes....I got it...
LoL, if only it were really that easy :-D
Get an OMP Yak. For some reason it is easy with that plane. I can't do it with any of my other planes.
capthis said:
And all this time I thought it was a child's toy??? :roll:
no worries Brian. You can keep your toy :p
What was the last maneuver called?
That's a "Pin Whe"

That's a "Pin Whe"
Nice :D
on a side note it takes servos with balls to do it i got a HS-625 with 90 ish oz torq on 6v and it stalls out when i try them with my 65"yak and i need more power :cry:
I thought I would try this with my Shocky first....and it didn't turn out too great.

They are hard....them pin wheels. Mine was more like an oval.

It started out ok on the downward leg but seemed to have a tough time getting back all the way into the hover on the second leg back up. I used up elevator too as recommended.
LOL. The first time I tried one I discovered the elevator trick by accident. I was a shade closer to the ground than I should have been and went for it. When it started to get ugly I rammed in the elevator in a lame ass attempt to recover and wonder of wonders, the best nicest pinwheel you can imagine. :lol: Been trying to replicate it ever since. What I have found is that pinwheeling into the wind helps a a ton.
A tip from Pin Wheel Master (most of the time!) Constrictor. He uses full up when going one direction (right I think...) and full down going the other. So he's getting almost a snap roll going on to make it rotate faster (most of the time!)
didnt you already say that :D
I don't know, since senility has set in I tend to repeat myself. All I want to know is what is the best 46 sized engine.
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