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How about a place for links for videos to be posted? If someone has a cool vid or sees a cool vid they can post a link to share with the rest of us. Tom
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showcase seems to fit the theme pretty well for that.

edit: on the other hand, a "flyin' tips" section, or at least earmark a current section other than general chat for discussion on how to perform 3d maneuvers and other things like that.

Perhaps in the tips section someone could create videos or at least clips of the typical 3D manuevers with the appropriate names? I've heard and seen at least three different explantions/examples of a waterfall, blender etc. Would be cool if someone took the initiative. I'm not sure I would even recognize them if I did see them.
after I looked back over the forum headings and descriptions, seems like "bro tips" covers what im talking about.

but rik raises a good point. discussion boards are nice for asking a specific question but not for finding a broad range of reference information. we should have some articles and so forth linked off the front page, like a 3d glossary, how-to's, etc.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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