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variable pitch prop

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any of the bros thought about trying this been reading several posts about it. Looks like it would be a blast. If only I could stop crashing the glow long enough to save up for a good brushless setup :roll:
check out the video same kid that was flying in his house the sixth video down this guy rocks.
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my friend said he is ognna send me a raptor 30 v1 tail set-up so I can do one of these, but first he has to find it lol
I have been looking at all my micro heli gear thinking hmmm that might work. Just need to read up on it alot more and get the right motor esc combo. I think it wold be a blast be like flying my heli and profile at the same time.
I saw a vid with a foam Katana that had a micro heli collective system on a brushless outrunner. It was cool. It would fly into a tumble or snap, then hit reverse, and all hell would break loose. At the end, the plane landed, and did some backwards taxing.
TailTwister do you have the video?
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