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UltraRc 3D Buddy

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Check these out. The price seems unbelievable. $175 includes plane, brushless motor, and brushless speed control. ... 5207b73c50

Videos here:
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sure looks like the same construction and type that extreme flight is going to have with there yak. sure would like to know more about there "ultra motor and 30 amp speed controlller" they suggest a 1200 10c pack which couldnt deliver more than 12 amps with a 30 amp speed controller?
They even sell replacement parts for it.... Breaks down for transport like the EF EYak.

Considering the cost of an E ARF like the Jumping Jack at about $150 just for the plane, this seems to be a screaming good deal.

And in reading the thread at RCGroups about the Chinese knock-off of the Attitude, a modeler from Taiwan or Singapore said that in inquiring about the knock-off (he didn't know the Attitude kit) that it was only available with the bundled power system. Sorta like this rig.

This doesn't really look like any plane I know of right off hand, if the power system is worth a flip it would be a deal for $175
Is this the same plane extremeflight has, sure looks like it!, the power system looks the same as well, hummm?
I almost like this too much, but dont know how good these guys are?
Has anyone had dealings with them and would they share it?
Here's a's not the same plane as the EF Yak, but dollars to donuts it's made by the same folks.

And I don't see any infringement on anybody..they have quite a lineup scheduled, and the Yak isn't on it, so at least they appear to be giving CHris a little of protection (if it is indeed the same producer) ... ost2814423
thanks for the link, I think I will go for one of these, (got to round up some hobby money first)
Cute plane, I'll match Chucks bet on the manufacturer. I once saw a similar plane with Quique's signature on it too. These guys seem to be on track with the market on small 3D.
I honestly think that the next big, hot segment in this market is going to be electric balsa 3D planes around 14-16 ounces where joe 3D flyer can take his foamy gear (aka Himax 2015, 3 cell Lipo, etc) and slap it on a setup like this or the EF Yak.

Everybody and his dog has a brushless foamy now, and this is the next logical step.
I e-mailed them on this and the price shipped to me with a bat. is $239, I am going to ask him who makes the battery's he sells.
They have been very helpfull so far.
well, just because of the fact how Chris has been supporting our Pro Bro fly in's with awesome raffle prizes I will be ordering his ARF shortly. :wink:
Reality is that they all, very likely, fly the same.

I'll wait for the EF one too. Chris is good to the Bros, and was always helpful when I called him.

I'm an EF repeat offender. EF Edge 540T, Mini 3D, and I might have to get one of these too...
I've got a 3D Buddy and I love it. I'll be getting all of them including the Yak from Extreme.

At first I only had 740 3C battery got about 6 mins of 3D, switched to their 1200 10C yesterday and now I can hold hover for 12 full minutes, normal 3D about 18. The motor that it comes with makes a bit of noise, but just watch the video, it's got some power. I'm using 11x4 prop. AUW is 12 oz.

I'm not sure what the thrust is on the motor but it's got to be close to 25-30 oz, it's pulls the plane like it's not even attached.
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