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ultra stick lite fs or t with g23 glow cheaper $275

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just built it used radio south 1/4 scale ca hinges nice true build job has a almost new zenoah g 23 glow engine turns a apc 17/8 at 6700 rpm will pick up to 7200 or more rpm when broken in has two 16 ounce tanks threw it now plane and engine only will trade for other arf planes pick up only I'm in Sparta tn could meet around here sometime I'll get pics up tomorrow

Stock Specifications:
(These are manufacturer specs and may not necessarily reflect the specs of the item for sale)

Power Class: Glow (1.10 and up)
Class: Standard
Category: Aerobatic
Flying Skill: Intermediate-Advanced
Build Type: ARF

Wingspan: 75.00 inches
Wing Area: 1210.00 sq. inches
Length: 56.00 inches
Weight: 9.00 Lbs.
Airfoil: Fully Symmetrical

Min. Channels: 4
Min. Servos: 5
- Throttle
- Elevator
- Rudder
- Ailerons

Standard Setup: Tail Dragger
Gear Options:
- Steerable Nose/Tail Gear

will trade for os 160fx nib or hitec or futaba servos
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I have an OS 160 FX w/ muffler that is slightly used. Runs great and pulls good. I just don't have anything to put it in.
if you wanted to i'd trade if you could come pick it up
Is there no way you could ship it? Even by Greyhound? I hear they are real good about shipping airplanes. I live in Humble, Texas. That's just north of Houston and it's quite far to drive to swap an airplane. Maps on shows it to be about 909 miles.
well hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll i can't get a box bigger than 28 /18 in 3 county's here i called everybody including the funeral home :oops: this town sucks for doing stuff :cry:
Check with furniture stores. They get large shit in all the time.
the only one just cleaned off the docks they said when they get a box big enough they'll call. any ideas were to get a box 80 / 16 / 8 and 60 / 32 / 14
I shipped a profile before, i had to make the box first. Just get some 1x2 pine strips (the unfinished shitty looking kind), make a frame, then cover it in cardboard. The pine is only $1 per 8 foor seciton here, and you can get cardboard for free anywhere. Greyhound is real cheap too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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