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uber n00b....

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howdy all,

basically I'm new to everything, been lurking on some other forums and stumbled over here.

Basically, I havent been flying long, and 3D is beyond me at this time, but you have to start somewhere.

I was going to build a 3DX electric to learn with, but started pricing out lipo's, chargers and such and realized I'd be jumping into a pretty decent amount of $$$ just to get something flyable. then I look around at the shop and see an old OS .15 laying there that needs a little lovin'. The 3dx isn't that far off of the mini 3D's size from what I can tell, so I'm going to build a custom .15 powered 3DX. Getting the CG back is gonna be a bitch though with the .15 and a 2 or 4 ounce fuel tank on the nose.

I think it'll be interesting at least. I'm also building out of X-acto 5mm sturdyboard instead of just straight depron, since that's what I found locally.

If it all flies like $hit , then oh well, I'll ask the wifey for a Mini 3D for my birthday in July and swap all the components over to that.

Just thought I'd say hi.
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here's a few pics of the progress so far...

it's my first profile plane, so yell at me if something doesn't look right.

from plans:

to parts:

to parts with their carbon spar reinforcements:

In that last pic you can see the motormounts I cut out of carbon fiber, and the .15 I was using while making templates. I added an extra 4mm carbon rod on the lower part of the nose to help reinforce the motormount area.
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The only problem I see is in the first picture.

That Corona looks to be only half empty! :lol:

Looks good. I built a fomay like that and put a 46 on it. Flies great and is tons of fun. Check out my web page.
That looks like it'll be fun. Be sure and get some flyin pics. How are you gonna fuel proof it? Just curious.
Mougly said:

The only problem I see is in the first picture.

That Corona looks to be only half empty! :lol:

Don't worry, I took care of the rest of it, and it's whole family.

But right then I wanted to be able to cut straight lines :)
Gordo said:
That looks like it'll be fun. Be sure and get some flyin pics. How are you gonna fuel proof it? Just curious.
I'm thinking I'm going to cover it with vinyl sign material. Buddy of mine has a shop and I can get scraps from him. I'm thinking fluorescent green, black and chrome.

I'd monokote it, but I'm kinda scared of the foam and heat. Plus I don't have the monokote, and the vinyl is free.
I used sign vinyl on mine too. I tried Monokote, but the heat caused the foam to swell up and distort.

Here's a video of it:
cool vid
Mine built off ot the regular sized 3dx plans. since I didn't use fan fold foam or Depron, but the sturdyboard instead, I'm hopin it's not too heavy for hovering. Got a reccomendation on a prop size for it? Lowest pitch I have laying around is an 11 x5, only smaller props I have are 10x6, 9x6, 9x7, and then 8x3's for my SSC planes.

I have no idea what ate final weight is going to be, but my servos will be in on Tuesday.

I should have it assembled by Friday or so , but I don't have a micro receiver for it.

A buddy ordered a Hitec feather 4 though, I might be able to swipe it for a lil bit, he's not going to have a need for it until he sees mine flying anyhow.
here's a few more pics on progression.

Carbon fiber engine mounts, nosecone plates are made, and engine is testfitted.

i was going to glue the elevator halves together tonight, but had to do some fiberglass repair on a friend's wakeboard instead.

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Nice. I had a lot of fun with mine. Monday (March 30th) was my birthday. I went out flying, got cocky and was hovering it at 0 error height.....I had an error :D
I decided to ditch the glow fuel option, just to much trouble trying to fuelproof it all. I decided I would rather have something I can fly in the front yard without bothering the neighbors too bad.

Keeping the same fuse, just cutting everything out for the GWS gearbox.

My powertrain I'm planning on installing:
himax 2015-4100
GWS d-ratio gearbox with the himax mounting plate
Castle Creations Phoenix 25 ESC
for now I'm holding off on lipos, as I can't afford the charger I want. I ordered a pair of 12V 10 cell nimh packs. Got them here: ... ProdID=907

the specs look good for the price, and I have a nimh charger already. Hopefully when I do go lipo the drop from 12V to 11.1V will not be that noticeable, plus I can double my runtime by using a 3s2p lipo setup built with 1200mah cells for a 2400mah capacity at less weight than the 1100 nimh.
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