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TufFlight 4D

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Is anybody flying a 4D?
I ordered a Tufflight 4D. I thought it would be good to learn 3D on before I try out my new Extreme Flight 540T. When I ordered the kit I forgot to tell them I was a Pro bro. I emailed them a couple of days later and told them that I was a Pro Bro. The next day there it was on PayPal, a $10.40 refund.
Fine folks at Tufflight. :)

Best regards,
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That sounds like excellent service. Let us know how it is, quality and flight. What are you gonna power it with?
I going to power it with an OS .46AX. After reading all the posts I think I will will get a YS .63 for the Extreme Flight 540. I see that there is a YS .63S listed on the Tower Hobbies site that is suppose to be available soon. Anybody know the difference between the .63 and .63S?
I hope the 4D arrives today so I have the weekend to work on it.
I will certainly post a report that will be from a 3D beginners point of view. :)

Best regards,

Quoted from Dave Shadel in the YS forums on RC Universe:

"The engine has several new and noteworthy features, the most noticeable being the regulator placement on the left pushrod housing. The YS engineers felt that the former placement of the regulator caused problems in high heat conditions, so it is now in a much cooler place.
The lower crankcase has been strengthened to help prevent distortion during both high air and HP loads.
The cylinder is now "linerless" for better heat transfer, another aid in high heat conditions.
we have been flying prototypes of this engine for several months, and the results have been excellent. YS has made the engine better and more user friendly at no increase in price.

We hope you enjoy running it!!

Good Flying,


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Thank you for the information Dave. Tower is listing it for a little less then the straight .63. :)
They are showing a mid April delivery date. I guess that I will get one on backorder and get in line. ;)
i have a tufflight 4d. i love this plane. ive augered it twice and all i needed to do is remove the carb and clean her out.ive also replaced the fuse coro and rudder coro. im now playing with cg and trying to get iot to hover longer. it tracks pretty well. i have a few pics but i dont know how to post them. this is the plane i use to try things im not comfortable doing with balsa yet. im using an os..46fx(same shit as yours basically). it could use a little more juice but it does well enough. let us know what you think of it.

one tip, if its not too late, use good push rods. i broke the elevator pushrod doing a wall and she came down like a jart. no damage except for a broken prop and some dirt. the worst thing is it was the only plane i had with so i was done for the day.
I'm interested in anything about this plane.

I'm SPADifying it as we speak. I wore my spad3d out and I want to put one of these into place before I start on my profile.
if you email me ill send you pics of mine. i see your profile has no email. btw i have been using full throws and this plane is incredible. for those of you that dont know, there is no fixed hoizontal or verticle stabs. the entire surface is a control suface that is pivoted on an axel. i have never seen this before. talk about counterbalance. has anyone tried cusomizing one with some kind of fixed tailfeathers?

if you have any questions feel free to email or pm me.

btw i am not paid by tufflight if your wondering, i just realy enjoy beating up this plane.
Well I thought about building mine with the control surfaces on axles so they would full flying...but I think my plane is going to be a bit of a mix between a spad3d and a spad4d. Actually I'm not totally convinced but about 75% thinking it won't be pivoting.

I don't think I need fully flying control surfaces and I want a good reliable tail gear and tail assembly.

Basically I'm building what I would consider a step up from the spad3d....with a more reliable, fully sym. wing like the 4D. It won't stand as much punishment and looks like it will be about .25-.5 lbs heavier.
The control surfaces...a couple of questions.

They look to be just MW going through a hole in the plastic fuse and inside the flutes of the surfaces. Are they held on just with pressure or do they bends in the MW or collars?

They have cut the control surface so that the rudder has a single control horn right? The elevator is separated and has two horns right?

Seems to me that the control surfaces would favor one side of the other because the control MW eventually gets in the way of the surface doesn't it?
there is a fiberglass rod that fits into the rudder/elevator and goes thruogh the fuse via a brass tube and then into the other side of the rudder/elevator.the rudder is captive because its one piece. the elevator has two control horns. the push rods have a slight tesion to keep the two control surfaces together. the fiberglass rod/axle also fits fairly tight into the coro flutes to assist in keeping the two elevator halves together. as far as the contol surfaces flavoring one side to the other, i havent experienced this.
nope. it just fits very tight in the flutes. so hard that it was difficult to get in the flutes. ive crashed the 4d pretty damn hard and the rods never moved.
btw what would be the advantage of not having full flying sufaces?
I don't really see the advantage of having them. Those fiberglass tubes and brass tubes are adding weight. Also, I don't like the tiny metal skid. I would prefer to have a real tail wheel because I fly off pavement with holes in it and gopher holes on the side. Also, I think I would rather have a plane with a real tail just because people make enough fun of the bat fuse.

You really don't need extra control if you have 80degree or so deflection back there either. Its fine on the 4D but my spad just doesn't really need that complication I don't think.

What do you think is the advantage of having them? I can still do it either way....I can be convinced.

The fiberglass rod goes through the plastic fuse as well right?
Pro Bro Dave Hurt is doing a review of this bird for the Pro Bro web site. He should be done any second now.
i dont know the advantage of either way. thats why i was asking you :lol: if it works better your way id like to know. ill change mine without a second thought. i wasnt trying to convince you to do yours either way. acctually id like to see the differece.

the fibergalss rod/axel goes through the fuse. the last 8 inches or so of the bat has a wooden dowel to fill it. it provides the strength of the tail feathers.

Sorry....had a brain fart.

I'm not building the 4D...I'm building a spadification of it. I'm sure Tufflight had some reason to do what they did.
let me know how yours turns out. pics would be really cool too.

where can i find the review of the tufflight 4d?
Ok, pics soon. Finished the wing and half finished with the fuse...probably a week away from pictures.

I'm psycho'd though because I think my weight will be about 4.5lbs about the same as the spad3dT.
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