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Tuesday evening chat, how?

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Is there some software I need to DL to get to the chat? I click on the "I want to talk the Bros" link and it wants to save or open a .php file. It won't open because my PC doesn't know what program to open it with.
I searched for a program but haven't found what it takes.
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You could connect through mIRC if you knew the channel they were using.........trying to find that info myself at the moment.... hehe
Download MIRC and connect to server . then list the channels and select probro. Looks like the java link on RCGroups is broke.
Thanks JD, but that is the major problem.....I don't see listed ANYWHERE to choose as a server.......all I have listed is the usual EFnet servers and crap........... Can't find anywhere to enter the address of the rc groups server either...... oh well......
Billy if you want I can donate a free PHP webased chat client for you and host it. This way you don't have to use RCGroups chat client and it will be proprietary for ProBros only, just 1 room. Guarantee it will work everytime too! Or we can just have it at the OMP chat room if you would like too. We could have an emergency chat nite tomorrow nite due to the problems.

Let me know, I'll set it up for you.

I'm not Billy, but I live in Nashville if that counts... LOL

We NEED a new meeting place for the chats, that is for sure. Most of the guys, including myself, have a bear of a time with mIRC, and a nice easy web based chat room would be great. I finally got on IRC, but I either missed everyone, or they didn't show up.

I would be happy with a new chatroom, but let's see what the masses want.


Well I have OMP's chat client running right now. You can use that anytime you like. There is never a glitch and it's always open.

I just tried the chat page. Nobody there, but at least it loaded quickly, and easily, and seems to work fine. Loaded MUCH faster, and easier than the old one we were using on RC Groups.

Not crazy about the looks of it, but that is just all eye candy, and can be easily changed. Having it look like our WebSite would be KICK ASS !!
Yip. Its just there sitting to be used. I just installed this latest one on our server. I can skin for Pro-Bro's no problem. Or skin it for both OMP and Pro-Bros with 2 rooms.

Let me know if you want to do it. We can try another chat tomorrow nite.

I'll try to rally the troops for a chat tomorrow night ! Gotta have my weekly BS slinging, lying, trash-talking, time with the Bros, or the week is not complete !!

I'm just the ProBro mascot here, so I can't speak for the group, but I LIKE the idea. I'll see if I can get in touch with Billy at work tomorrow and get his opinion.

We had a few show up late in IRC, or maybe I was late....LOL...

If the majority likes the idea, then we can post the link on a few boards to get all their attention so they can gather tomorrow night.
Hey Alf, missed you earlier, myself, Pugsley, GaryDog and a few others were on for a while, but small crowd. Guess a lot of people were dependant on the RCGroups chat client to connect.

Dion, get with Mr Hades and go for it. We need a more relaible and accessable meeting place. I however do think Mirc is a decent program. There may be better, but it works fine for myself.
Yeah I missed you guys evidently........It had been ages since I had used IRC, and by the time I got it all sorted out, it was late.

mIRC does work decently, and I used it for years, but it would be FAR easier for all of the Bros if we had a nice "point-and-click" site to gather for the chats. We usually have 15 things going on at once, and the added complications of setting up, and using IRC puts my old brain into thermal meltdown... LOL

I like my chatrooms like my women.......quick, and easy !!


I tried your system and it is excellent. Very easy to use and it WORKED.

You have my vote!

My favorite part is when you register you do not have to get an email back and it will automatically input your username automatically into the login after you register. Can't get any easier then that!
Alfster are we going to try this tonite? Did you talk to Billy?
If I don't get too deep into building this evening, I'll check it out. What time, 6 or 7 central?
Well it's there to be used if you want to try it.
Dudes RCgroups upgraded their forums software while doing so it sorta broke the chat client a lil. It will be a lil till they get around to fixing it as the forums come first. But now there will be a chat client running ON the probro site direct for all the probro members to use that will connect to the IRC server so those who use MIRC can chat also.

The OMP chat is webbased and not an irc server so those who use irc clients like MIRC can not connect to it (Quite lame) and untill BillyHell states otherwise the official chat is still on the rcgroups server.

So as soon as Billyhell changes the code for the live chat we will have working chat on an irc server again.
While I agree that Mirc/Irc is the way to go, many ProBros are not versed in IRC chat. A web-based chat is what many of them use to log on (and is what gave so many of them a hard time getting logged on, but I digress...) and is obviously good enough for most. I would like to see a true IRC set up with a web-based option for those who are not Mirc versed, sure. But I think it was dang nice of Team OMP to set something up on such short notice to get the bros through until the bugs can be worked out. FWIW, I connected just fine on the irc.rcgroups server using Mirc, but the guys who have been using the RCGroups client were just lost.
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