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TS 52 excellent engine

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just letting people know these engines are awsome and run hard and long.been beating on on for over a year now on a majic extra and can't kill it, have a new one on a profile eagle and and is equally impressive.Great response and low priced(about 65 bucks)
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What's the TS for - Terribly Sexy?
Where do I get one?
I'm building a Burrito -you know...
tiger shark. an ad in this month's model aviation, the full page brison ad at the bottom. never ran one, but had one at the house once, was with a kit I built for somebody. looked reasonably well made. I heard the spinner they sold with them back then was kinda brittle, but the engine looked as good as most of the other chinese stuff. and if brison is dealing them parts should not be a problem; an important consideration.
I get mine from the Lhs.also have 3 TS75s that are excellent runners and get better milage than most 40s.trying out the new 56 now but it is not any stronger than the 52 but it is ringed.purchased 3 carbs so far because of gravity problems at our field and they only cost 15 bucks the same as the mufflers and the parts come right away.Also trying out there small case 91 on a excite but will not have info on that one till work lets me go flying again but it ran great on the test far the 52 is my favorate with the 75 a close second.
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