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Tried everything to get into Live Chat Help!

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I've tried everything to get into live chat. I tried the ProBro chat client and the RC groups chat client. I even downloaded mirc which I haven't used in years! With the ProBro and RCGroups clients I get disconnected almost as fast as it connects and it says I'm "G-lined". Mirc just simply doesn't connect. I remember being "K lined" on mirc years ago which usually meant you were banned for pissing off the channel owner. :twisted: I even registered for RCgroups tonight to see if that was the problem but still no dice. Can someone help? I want to talk to my Bros!
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You arent using AOL are you? If you are try using IE. We are there now...
Everytime I try and use the PROBRO client is asks to install an "unregistered" component....and that component called the ProBro Client downloads two viruses:

W32.IRCBot.G and W32.Spybot.worm ....

Maybe its a good thing you can't get in.
Nope... not using AOHell (no offense Billy :) ) Just using IE. No luck though.
I got on no sweat with Mirc..
It appears to connect for a split second with mirc but then it dumps me. It says "subseven detected" then disconnects if that means anything to anyone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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