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I need some advice here. Been trying to get my TopCap to do some stuff but it acts like it don't want to. For Instance, flat spins.......
How much throw do I need in my surfaces to get a plane to flat spin?
Lo Rates = ???????
Hi Rates = ???????
Rudder = ??????

Right now I got a shit load of throws in everything but somehow I suspect things just ain't right. I can program it for anything I want but I don't know where to start to get it to do shit I want it to.

It flies beautifully but the problem is the driver.............
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Prolly too much throw is blowing you out of the flat spin. Try using low rates, or just being more gently on the sticks. On my Sledge, I was trying to just jam 'em in the corners and was convinced the thing wouldn't flat spin. Then Jeff got the sticks, showed me what I was doing wrong, and had it climbing.

Just a matter of getting the inputs juuuussssttt right. I still duff about 1/2 of my blenders cause I over control when I transition from a roll to the flat spin.
Upright flat spins have never been one of my TC's stronger maneuvers but inverted flatspins are the BOMB. I ended up doing some really cool inverted flat spins over the runway in Nashville and scraped the rudder on a few revolutions and climbed out.

Iverted flight is were the TC shines to me....even upright harriers arent near as smooth.
Gave mine away after last season, but if I remeber correctly, upright FS required most to all of high rate full up, full rudder and then low rate cross ailerons right after the spin initiated, with high rates being ~45° throws and low being half that. CG was back a little bit from aft recommended but not too far, maybe 1/2-3/4", and I don't think full power was required. It will do them very well, you've just got to get that sweet spot figured out.
On my TC (ARF), I get amazing upright flat spins by using low rates on the ailerons and elevator and high (with as much travel as possible) on the rudder. Get the plane up pretty high, slow it down to near stall, feed a little left aileron to get the plane slightly banks then bang the sticks to the corners (full throttle/left rudder and full-up elevator/right ailerons). I don't know if it's just the way my plane is setup, but 98% of the time the plane enters a near perfect flat spin with a very gradual descent. Playing a little bit with the elevator travel, I can get the plane to climb (although slowly) in a flat spin).
Thanks guys, gonna go try all that today.
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