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This thing is more fun than a whole sack full of monkeys. I really wasn't ready for how maneuverable this airplane is. Glad I set all the rates down low until I got used to flying it. Got six flights in today and it's a damn good thing I didn't try for seven. Batteries were down to 4.6 volts in the Rx pack. Did a couple of good harriers, some sorta TR's, lots of flips and spins, and some shit I can't even name. On Hi rates she wants to snap out of a loop on me. Any sug's as to how to stop that?
Plane weighs 4 lb 3 oz less fuel. Motor pulls 8 lbs 2 oz on the ground. It wil go straight the hell up and pull out of a hover like really easy. Gotta get with sombody to teach me how to do some of the other stuff, like soon. Next I'm gonna start on the Knife. Then I'll have two to bounce all over hell and half of Huffman, Texas.
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There ya go! Amazing what a little time on an ugly plane will do for your spirits :D
On Hi rates she wants to snap out of a loop on me. Any sug's as to how to stop that?
cut the high rate elevator down a little (or just know it happens and ease off), balance laterally.

right, guys?

right on capn. :tu:
some people (who dont 3d) set up their high rate elevator by maxing it out, then taking it back bit by bit until it doesnt snap in a tight loop.


Also I have found that some planes do not need all the elevator and well yes some planes will simply snap or blank out. By the blank out I mean I have had some planes where the elevator simply stops working completely if you give it too much throw with too much forward speed. BUT! The elevator works fine when hovering or doing high alpha stuff. Dunno maybe its just my birds that are funky :lol: You can do the lateral and you can also play with a little flaperons or spoilerons. It's just that I don't like that stuff too much but sometimes it helps the plane out alot. Obviously it'll be different with each plane. Like my Funtana is virtually impossible to fly on full rates without the spoilerons on. And on my comp fun fly it becomes a dog without flaperons on. So you will have to experiment. Try going to less elevator first if the lateral doesn't help. If you have to take off too much throw so you're going less then what is needed to 3D then find ways around it.

Glad you like the plane! I know you're going to start loving it more and more as you fly it!
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Well, yesterday in a bit higher than normal winds, I was playing the fool and really enjoying it, when SNAPPPPP, right into the dirt she went and broke the fuselage in half right behind the wing. Oh and I also broke my only two 12" props.
Now I gotta strip the bitch and fix the breaks. Looks like I won't be flying her until this coming weekend. Damn It! (Cussing really is fun)
If I strip the sheeting off one side I should be bale to get in there and fix all the breaks and then put the sheeting back on. Won't be too bad.
I really gotta keep it up higher until I learn how to do this stuff.
I actually did manage a 10 second hover and a high alpha inverted tail drag with her though so I'm not completely incompetent, just mostly.
Thats the only way Ive learned anything 3d. Down low. I cant tell shit if Im 50+ feet up. But yes there is also the repair business while leaning.
Ahh it's all part of the fun jimross! Get er fixed and wring it out till you get the hang of things. These planes do have a nasty tendency to get me into shit as well now and then. Dunno guess they always nag you to push the envelope.
I peeled the covering back last night just to look at the carnage and it ain't really bad at all. Some clean breaks and fractured sheeting is about all there is. Should be able to fix it fairly easy. Gonna try to get 'er done today and maybe have it ready to fly Wednesday.
The sheeting runs along the length of the fuse, would it help strength if I put the new sheeting in the break area diagonally? Thinking this might add some structural strength.
This is why you ll love the burrito......THE TUBE™ Much less breakage.
The TopCap is back in the saddle again. Put some splices in, stripped the old FU sheeting and replaced it. Recovered the messed up part and got it on charge right now for tomorrow. Even remembered to get some new props too.

Pics are just after I got her complete and on charge.


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Nice repair!! Can't even see the damage!
jim, your aileron stickers are upside down!

Nice one Jim! You should invest in another bunch of profiles so you wouldn't be grounded for too long. LOL
capncrunch said:
jim, your aileron stickers are upside down!

I was standing on my head when I put them on the plane. Ain't that just the shits? 50/50 chance and I blew it.

spacey said:
Nice one Jim! You should invest in another bunch of profiles so you wouldn't be grounded for too long. LOL
I've got another one to build, Morris Knife, and a Burrito on the way as soon as Paul gets some more in, so that problem should be taken care of soon.
He gets the new burrito's friday :D
Speaking of breakage.....I could use Dr. Pauly's expertise. I went to the field yesterday to let Jojo maiden his new Twister. And I was all worried that he was going to crash it bigtime....especially seeing that he jumped on it and flew it like it was the simulator. Needless to say I was puckering for him.

But after all was said and done he brought his plane home in one peice and I brought home my Nautiques Sledge home badly broken. Believe it or not...this is the Gods honest truth.....I was doing a rolling harrier pretty low and my thumb slipped off the Tx. I know that sounds like a load of crap....kinda like..."I got shot down".. but I really did loose grip on the gimble. Needless to say my Sledge is now in bad need of repair.

I just hope I can repair it as good as your Top Cap jimross!
capncrunch said:
jim, your aileron stickers are upside down!

Jim....dont feel bad....the first foamie I airbrushed I put the Pro-Bro on upside down.
KEYKEY gets a new knickname:


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