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Todd's Models Attitude

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Wingspan: 34 Inches
Wing Area: 390 Sq. In.
Length: 39 Inches
Weight: 12~13 ounces
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12~13 ounces
HOW????with what gear
the airframe is 6.5oz covered, no landing gear
The website says "19~21 oz flying weight"
I bet that's without battery. It can be built close to 13oz AUW, but not with the recomended gear. JZ123 on rcgroups used a razor and ~1200mah lipo 3 cell in his and I think it came in at 14oz. Mine is 19 and some change with a motor thats the same weight as the recomended one. It rocks.
Mine has the recommended "high power" setup with TP 3S 2100 LiPo and weighs 19.1 oz.

I can vouch for Rumple's!! That's the first one I've seen in person and it was way powerful, flew awesome.
Auger, what's the wing area of your E taco? Attitude may be lighter on the wing?
The Sledge Taco has 450 sq in, about 8.3 oz/sq ft.

The Yak Taco has 456 sq in, about 8 oz/sq ft.

Rumples Attitude at 19oz will have 7 oz/sq ft.
i got to build and fly one for a guy at the LHS and i was impressed with the way it flyes except that i hate the 3/16 thick fuse and the wimpy canopy that if you grab you will rip it off, also could use more fuse area for slower KE, IMO, but i was surprized with how well it harriered i also dont like the battery location, could have better centerline mass know what i mean Chuck?
Yeah, the Yak Taco has the battery very low in the fuse, and not much fuse below the centerline. The battery could stand to be mounted closer to the center, but it would sure be a hassle.

The Sledge Taco has the battery up higher in the fuse, and knife edge is better...

But as for the Attitude, lots of them are flying, and they get pretty good reviews. That's where I got the general battery location, but I did try to get it up as high as possible in all of them. The next easier location is hanging it on the nose, then you have a lot more mass on the nose, so I picked mass on CG.

Life is a trade off I guess.
I was doing a first flight after a major repair. I went vertical after take off, about 50' up I did a snap, and the motor ripped free of the nose, along with the LG. I had to belly land, dead stick, and incredibally tail heavy on a $55 pack with the potential to take out all the other expensive bits if it burst... I think that was the softest landing I've ever done. :D

Despite stupid stuff like that, Its still going after the better part of a year. When (if) it makes it to a year(Dec), I'm going to retire it, and either get another, or build a Taco, scaled to have the same wing area as the Attitude.
ChuckAuger said:
I can vouch for Rumple's!! That's the first one I've seen in person and it was way powerful, flew awesome.
Chuck, I wish you would have flown it. I offered, but you claimed to be too busy worrying about someone else crashing your taco. :lol:

And yeah Spastic - you have to grab the Attitude forward of the canopy on the cheek area - the canopy wont support the plane's weight for lifting.

Swany tried out the Attitude though, and I think he liked it. I'm hooked on it - Its perfect for late night flights when I get home from work and there aint enough time to pack up all the glow stuff and get to the field before dark. I fly it in a neighboring church's field.

Yeah... I definately loved that Attitude!! Awesome flying bird... Did everything really well..
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