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Todd's Models Attitude blatantly Ripped off!!

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Todd's models has a great little electric called the Attitude. He has just learned that it has been ripped of and ARF'd by a Chinese mfg.

Fuckers didn't even bother to RENAME IT!!

Thread Here.

Todd has a small business, but makes great planes. Let's not contribute to some ARF rip-off of his plane, if you want an Attitude buy the real deal from Todd and keep a talented designer and kit producer in business.

See the real Attitude Here
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Dude...that sux man! And thats a sweet looking plane too. So you'd expect me to build one rather than buy an ARF? Man thats a hard call.... I guess I'll just have to order the Yak from EF instead.
No, I'd expect you to be the sorry mofo to get the Chinese ARF!

I have a pre-order in on an EF YAk, supposed tp be this week, maybe!
could you post a link to his plane never heard of it :oops:
prophanger1 said:
could you post a link to his plane never heard of it :oops:
He's up top.

Auger...I see that Todd's is selling the same Yak that EF is going to sell. Well atleast I assume its the same. Looks identical to me.
I posted a link to Todd's Models on the bottom of my original post.

The Yak looks the same, because it is an Extreme Flight Yak. He is a dealer for Chris's planes.
I can see now on the ailerons that the Yak has Chris' Extreme Flight sticker. I didnt notice that before and it didnt mention that it was a EF anywhere else.
The goal of the Chinese is to take over the world and they are much smarter than terrorists.

And, unfortunatley, not really a damn thing Todd can do about it really. You can't sue people in China. He could probably sue folks that would distribute the plane locally though.
wow, it looks like they did a good job of it too, that sucks
if i see one at a field i'll violate it :D
Yes, this sucks. This is the reason the mfgr I am working with won't make "kits", only ARF's. They are Chinese based also, but they told me they are also VERY concerned about the designs getting ripped off. He said that if you make a kit and have full-size plans in the kit to build over (everybody does) it will get copied....especially if you are a smaller guy like Todd. They don't do the bigger companies designs because those companies have the resources to go after them copiers.

I guess overseas you can get a copy of just about anything.
That really sucks for Todd. He could take a trip to China ! I bet Balsa burns well!

Man I think I want one of those Yaks Extreme Flights videos it what sells there products awsome vids what motor you guys thinking about running on those seems like it might be a little heavy for a Himax 4100?

Dang Chuck your space button broke ....v...... or are you trying to tell me somthen?
What size packs?
Damn, Just got done reading all the threads about Todd. It's a real fucking shame. It's not the first time for him. I saw the prototype. He put alot of efforts and thinking into this, just like he did the Tiny.

Todd lives just up the street from me. ok ok, he's about 20 miles away. Close enough.

But seriously, I'm worried. If this keeps up, he's going to stop designing them. Why should he continue to work on these designs, if he knows if he is going to get ripped off again?
STAN0 said:
What size packs?
Stano, if I run the Hacker B20 22S or B20 18L, I'll use Tanic 3S 1500's. If I ran a Razor 350, I'd use the same ol' Irate 3S 1100's I use in my foamy.
Man... That sux.....
Todd confirmed that he has nothing to do with the copy?

Fargin' Bastages!

It's amazing that with e-commerce as prevalent as it is, that there is no way to stop this from going on.
I got my fire-suit on - so let me have it if you're inclined...
But I wonder how many of us - who get pissed about this - also have burned music CDs. There's not alot of difference here - other than who's intellectual property is getting ripped off. How many of us have shareware - & we have no intention of donating to the programmer? Or worse - any AutoCad copies out there!?

Just a random thought... :?

BTW - I agree - it's a damned shame we can't protect our ideas better than this.
For the analogy to be complete, we'd have to not just burn the CD, but mass market it as well.
yep, have been following the thread over there. It really sucks, but I am sure if they really want to import it here they just change the name and ALL DONE .
I really feel sorry for Todd. Hope he can stop the company of selling his plane here.
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