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This will be too COOL!

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Check out this link! Just think you buy a case of this beer, drink it. Then all the sudden you have 24 tricked out killer lookin' tuned pipes from hell! Boy I sure wanted to be the first to build a muffler from these but it's not gonna happen since I can't find any in Paducah Ky. I wanted to hook my header to the drinking end, then drill a hole where I could weld or jb a side exhaust pipe in the other end, not on the very end but where it would deflect away from my plane. May not be a good tune pipe but killer lookin! Boogerboy
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That might work for a .61 or .91! That would look cool.
My dad lives 10 minutes outside of ALCOA, TN.
I'd sure feel stupid asking him to ship me some empty aluminum beer bottles.
But for a cool muffler, hmm...
As a bald person, I can tell you that making mufflers from mousse cans is no fun -- but making them from beer-bottles -- NOW YOU'RE TALKING! :)
Yeah, have your dad ship me full ones, I'll ship you the empties!
As a bald person, I can tell you that making mufflers from mousse cans is no fun
That is tooooooooooo funny LMAO, I dont knw why I think that s funny, maybe coz I got this image of a bald guy using mousse.


P.S dont ask for the empty cans ask for the full ones, duh
The story says the aluminum bottle should keep the beer cold for 50 minutes. When is the last time you had a beer last 50 minutes?
That just means a six pack will stay cold without ice...
they also said
The bottles have three times the aluminum of a typical beer can. That gives them superior insulation, Alcoa spokesman Kevin Lowery said.
since when is aluminum an insulator?
all i know is if you didnt use a beerbottle coozie with those you would have a cold hand and a warmer beer, but true i have not had a beer last 50min since i was 12...
Yeah, somebody needs to tell them guys making heatsinks to use coozy material :roll:
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