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This place is going to get me fired!!!!!!

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I don't want to come off as a whiner, but is there anyway that we can have an option of not having pictures pop up? I'm all for having a good time and all, but I'm checking this at work and I'm afraid that having a girl swing her boobs in the camera or Ulf dressed in drag (oh gosh, I hope that someday that picture will be out of my mind! :lol: ) is going to get me fired. Is there anyway that we can come up with an option to block that part out?
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Good idea! Just set this picture as your wallpaper and hit ALT-TAB when the boss walks by. He will leave you alone..


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Perhaps the best answer is, well, to Work while you're at work :D Just a thought lol
Gee rik, now why didn't I think of that? Thanks! :roll:
Man, since we moved everything here, my productivity at work has gone downhill FAST :lol:

We work a lot of overtime, so we flex anyway. It all works out in the end....
Hey Razor, I'd have to look around in the settings, but it seems like there is a way in your personal internet settings to stop pics from coming up until you click on them. Maybe you can set your work computer like that? Maybe one of the computer gurus around here knows how to do it....

Try Net Nanny or cyber sitter!!!!
If you guys feel it would be appropriate...I suppose I can change my avatar. I'm so proud of her though. I can't believe I'm being repressed in the probro forum :twisted:
Yea not to be a spoil sport but my wife takes a dim view of flapping boobies no matter how nice. :roll:
The other problem with your avatar is that I sat there and watched for like 10 minutes.
I keep waiting for the "PicPop" to not be there!
:( :( :( I guess I'll change it. :( I'll have to find another one first, though.
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