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This is what i ordered.

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Hi, well this is the list of things i will be ordering for my foamie, what do you think, should i change something or do i need something else, if some one can help me please thanks!!

Nippi 0808/98
10.4.7 props
Kokam battery 2 cell 340 mah
alum clap mount 10 mm
prop adapter 4 mm
Shock flyer
Futaba micro reciever
Phoeniex 10
mini servos
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PM Billy Hell! He works for the company that sell the Nippy motors, he can tell you how your power will be.
I would also ask him about the amps that motor will pull and what that 2 cell 340 will supply. You may have a potential problem there. As well as I remember, a 2 cell Thunder-Power 730 is just at the upper limit if you go with the max the motor can pull and the max the battery can handle safely.
Thanks a lot for the replies, i will PM Billy
Hi, another question sorry, is the futaba micro reciever(LXGFT1) a good choice for the shocky, or is it better a gws or a berg

I'm not familar with the futaba. But I do know both the Berg and the GWS.

The GWS will be more suseptable to interference and will have a shorter range. The interference problem can get worse in a hurry if there are multiple people flying at the same time (not on the same channel of course). I've used several GWS RX's in the past with no problems. You just have to know their limitations.

The Berg is as interference free as any non-PCM RX today. And according to which one you get, they are full range.

Range should not be your deciding point with the shocky. You won't be flying it that far away. If your out of range with it, your having other problems.

Let us know how it goes.
I have the same setup except I run a 3c 700 mha battery, I have a 3c 340 but it does not last long, As far as the gws recivers I have 4 of them and have never had a hit or gone out of range. "Must be a JR thing" Huh latch. :D
Also the kokam 340 is rated 20c discharge so you should be fine....

SO put it together and fly the shit out of it........ :twisted:

I have been flying the shit outa my shocky for over a year (ok Im on my secondy shocky now... chain link fences are a bitch) with the nippy 0808/98 and I got the combo from hobby-lobby. Using a GWS prop saver glued onto the shaft, a shocky prop and etec 3S 700's it has unbelivable vertical. hovers less than 1/4 stick and rockets out of a hover. You very rarely use full power, and even then it os only for a few seconds or you will be outa site. I have gotten aileron flutter going vertical with this setup.
Hey Thanks for all the replies!!! Ill post pics when i recieve everithing, and maybe some more questions :D. I went with the Futaba reciever, hope its a good choice. Thanks again

Well, i have read a lot of forums of lipos and how you should treat them, but i havent found what should i do the first time i recieve my lipo pack, should i just charged it at 1 c, and let the charger do its work, or should i discharge it first and then charged it? Well i ask all this cause i want do do things right ad dont mess everithing up, this will be my first time using lipos so if someone could help me with the procedures i should follow before start charging.( My pack is a 2s 340 mah kokam, and my charger is the kokam)

Thanks in advance

Charge and fly... There should have been a safety sheet with the batteries and the charger. This will tell you everything you need to know FROM THE MANUFACTURE. I make my customers read and agree to the safety data before they can view the batteries.

Leonard Perry
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