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This deal is overGet your free PISS ON RCU decal right here!

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We are sending the last ones out today. We'll do another decal freebee soon! Thanks Chris, Rita and the Stewart Baby!
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I'll put one on my plane! you over near eddyville? I used to live off the w.k. pkwy. been to paducah several times. seems to me that's where kuttawa was...
Boogerboy, you are TOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny!!! But I like it......
I love it.... I'll send you my address!!
Hey Paul
Mabe you can make a deal to include them in the first batch of MOJO kits. :D
Where do I need to go to get on the list. This plane is famous before its time, and I'd love to be a part of history. :wink:
Hey do you reckon you could email me one of them??? I can print em off here myself on some special paper I bought and never used.

Those RCU dicks are really pissin me off to, I got sent a PM about my language,hmmmmmm :twisted: even though I dont recall saying anything, maybe it was something like ***, stupid Swany getting me into bad habits :p So as far as Im concerned they can all go and sit on it.

Fly-guy-now a pro bro

email adress, [email protected]
boogerboy said:
That's right! Give us your address and we will send you ONE calvin piss on rcu or or whatever ya'll think it should say. You can have it in florescent orange and it'll be about 6x6". Send your mailing address to R/C RITA at [email protected]. The same thing happenend to me over on RCU, we sell spad kits and all the sudden I wasn't allowed to talk about spads anymore unless I bought advertising. I wasn't pluggin' our stuff or anything, just because we sell shit we are shit without givin' them money! Boogerboy
Sign me up. I like the idea.....

They are done, most will ship in the morning. Boy have we got the orders! Chris, Rita and the Stewart Baby[/img]
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cool! will look good on my red/yellow edgy burrito!
Mine arrived today. Looks great, just got to decide the best and most visible place for it.
Barry I hope you enjoy your decal! Ron Ferrer yes Kuttawa is right by Eddyville and I live 2 miles from Barkley damn right behind the big flea market on hyw 62 if you know the area. Stop in if your ever by again or anybody else who wants to look at our junk! We'll make you some free decals! Boogerboy
boogerboy said:
or anybody else who wants to look at our junk!
HuhHuh, He said "look at my JUNK!!!!!" :twisted:
Maybe I'll wait before I decide to get myself booted from RCU and post a few pictures of my plane with that decal and I'll put "" on the ailerons.

Katana P arf (being repaired)



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I wants one man I sent my addy when ya first posted ..........hook a bro up heh
great to see you found the PROBRO's
with a sticker like that you'll always be welcome here!
cant wait to get mine :D
PM me you address, i'll send you a few books of stamps :D
Watkins you decal hasn't left the building yet and probably won't until Tuesday but it will get down there to Mississippi soon!
Spastic I like the Probro's and I'm am a Probro if you look on the member list I'm flick3d not Boogerboy. Sure I'll pm you my address, we're gonna do another free decal give away in a week or so that just say so people can slap them on stuff. We could sure use some stamps! Everybody thinks went belly up? Nobody remembers I just turned the website off for the summer so I could take a break and work on the house. When I turn it back on we'll mostly be doing sign and decal work. Boogerboy
This deal is over. We are sending the last ones out today. We'll give some more away soon! Thanks!
Hi, boogerboy! got my decal a few days ago, and thanks! about decal work; how much would it cost for the large PRO BRO lettering for the bottom of my wing? and can you make it tapered to fit on a tapered (mojo) wing? I don't feel like cutting it out of monokote.

I think it would be a popular item, and I wouldn't expect it for free; would pay a few dollars for it!

I'm looking forward to the stickers. when you get them done, send one my way! pm me your address and I will send you enough to cover shipping, you've spent enough out of pocket!
Ron we can make anything anybody wants! We charge about 1/2 price what anybody else will do it for just about. It will be a week or so before we can make anymore decals. R/C Rita and I both are fresh water musssel shell harvesters during the warm months, we both have a boat. She'll make more money in one day running that boat than in a week doin' decal work. Since the weather is goin' to be so good the next week we'll be out on the Tenn. river! The picture is our real Boogerboy standin' on my boat with some mussel shells that were just harvested. Ron did you ever hang with Harold Parker, Keith, Tina and the gang from from the Henderson club? RCU finally gave me the boot night before last, I wonder why?
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