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Things I really need, like hotrods (BH family stories)

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Once upon a time I was single. I was single and made some good money. I drove a 76 Eldo Caddy rag top. I had a 55 Ford P/U with 300HP motor and flame throwers, I had a big black Harley that I rode more than I drove my cars. Now with the kids, wife and mortgage I drive a big SUV. Now it's nice to haul my planes around but I'm feeling the need. The Harley is put away until I can die and not affect too many people's lives, the Caddy was my daily driver but I put here up when she rolled over 70k. I sold my bad ass red truck with fat meats on the back. I am aching for some raw HP and bad ass vibe. I'm thinking something along the lines of this rod.
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that is some bad ass shit there i like the Psycho Billy Cadillac 8)
I started my teen driving years with a 63 SS Impala, then a 69 Camaro -396 4spd, then a 68 Firebird-396 bigblock Chevy engine, then 72' Nova SS-396 4 spd/411 rearend, Astro van! :roll: :roll:

Oh, and I had a black Suzuki Intruder (couldn't afford the real thing!)

My Grandpa got his first Harley in 1914. My Dad was a mohawk wearing greaser Harley rider in the 50's and I rode a big blue chopper in LA in the late 80's early 90's. I also street raced hard core in high school. I'm pretty sure the 3D stuff is filling my need for adrenaline but I think I'm going to have to have something pretty soon. Check this out: ... a=2&b=3115


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Ruskin's 64 Rivi ... =2&Page=14
This could be my foamy haller?
Love those cars, and they are very rare.
I have loved Rivs since I was a kid. I always felt like it was overlooked for such a cool friggin car.
I'm trying to find my CD with all my old cars on it.
Son, You make Waaaaaaaaaay too much money it that kinda shit is in your brain. Go spend some of it on larger faster airplanes. Hell build one with a Harley motor in it. That should satisfy both urges. Another idea is to go jump out of a perfectly good airplane, that'll stomp on your gonads for a few minutes. P.S. Be sure to use a parachute.

Hell, just go get you something that goes fast and lives dangerous and get in it and drive your nut sack off. You gotta do what makes you happy man, otherwise life's a big bore.
I have been flying since I was very young, but during the short time I spent away from the hobby, I raced... I ran the car I learned to drive in, a perfectly restored (by me) Triumph TR6. I still have the car and drive it to work on Fridays... I 'built' a motor for it .30over, cam, header, etc, and it has a semi custom suspension underneath.... My Edgelings and Micro Edgelings will fit inside it with the top up.... :D

Here is a site I built for it.... There's even a video of me running it in an autocross on the site....

I won't get myself started on motorcycles... too many years building riceburners in my parent's garage... I finally stopped riding when I laid one down in an intersection....


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Must be what happens when you quit burnning nitro and only fly Electric...
No, I have always had the need. I think it's the fact that I'm about to turn 40 that has me wanting some speed again. I'll be old soon enough.
i got a 1935 ford coupe 5 window i'll trade for some more rc stuff
BillyHell said:
No, I have always had the need. I think it's the fact that I'm about to turn 40 that has me wanting some speed again. I'll be old soon enough.
Ahhhh, longing for those crazy days. My weakness was Japanese speed. My 1100 winding 11k, front wheel off the ground as the speedo passed into triple digits. Stupid, yes. Addictive, yes like a herion junkie needing a fix. Pure liquid blinding acceleration.

Then the wife got pregnant and reminded me that the kid needs a daddy, not a greasy spot on the road. :shock: And so we pass firmly into fatherhood, responsiblity and middle age :wink:
What kind of shape is it in? I have a ton of RC stuff, that's for sure.
Married man turning 40, has midlife crisis written all over it :lol: But shit I wont piss on your parade, my dad rode motorbikes for years (mostly police bikes and jap stuff) and I want one (I cant drive yet)

I like the look of those old hotted up utes. The need for speed must travel in the gene pool :) Ive always had a thing for hotrods and fast cars :drool: (in need of drooling icon)

what about a custom chopper from OC Choppers :?:
Oh I'm well aware of the midlife crisis reality. I just want to nip it in the bud! I rode a chopper all over Los Angeles for about 5 years, in fact I was strictly a bike rider. I was almost killed once but when my Dad died he left me his big FLH and I starting riding agian. I have retired it until my kids are old enough for me to die and not dirupt the family too much. My Dad rode his whole life on an FLH but todays traffic is not like yesterdays traffic and death is waiting for all bikers at the hands of a bluehair.
No, I want a fire breathing hot rod that can take a hit and get my adrenalin going.

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That is one fine looking ride Dude! Bet it makes your butt break out in a grin every time you get in it.
Hot rods should be soft top :!: None of this hardtop crap, but thats just me
I have to disagree, Hot Rods should only be hard top, the converts are for the fine senoritas.
Sweet Rides Billy.

My Uncle's hobby is building Hot Rods. He had a '47 Chevy Panel Wagon (the car, not the truck) that was tough.

That '56 is tough. And that '57 isn't to be sneezed at either.

I always thought a '55 or '56 Buick, chopped and lowered would be really cool. It's a body style you don't see often, but I have seen it done very well.
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