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Someone posted this + picture

I like my Typhoon Micro 6! OK guys...think about radial mount your need the mounting hardware which consist of the back plate, screws, the front hub and axle along with mounting screws. have to make a plywood plate? Are you kidding me? Do you know what I had to do to prepare my Typhoon for radial mounting? I loosed two set screws and turned the axle around and retighted the set screws! Thats it.

I have designed a motor mount that consists of only one pc. for the Shockies and the Typhoons. No need for heavy hardware or making anything out of plywood! They will be for sale soon....anyone interested? I also have a kit with CF rods that strengthens the front end.

I posted this

Becareful....I noticed on the BroPro forum all !$!#Q!1 broke out when someone offered to sell something in a thread. Apparently you are permitted on RCuniverse to discuss technical hobby innovations but as you soon as you try to make money from have to buy advertisement space from RCUniverse.

So you guys done going to RCU? Is that what I'm sensing?
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