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The makings of inverted hovering....!!!VIDEOS!!!

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.......Seriously. With an electric brushless and a variable pitch prop anything is possible

Have a look at this page

Download the movies, planes aren't meant to do this stuff. It is the funniest shit you have ever seen.

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THAT is pretty friggin' awesome! :shock: :D Wayne and Jon are gonna get a kick out of this... Jon kinda started experimenting with it a while back. Wayne put a post up on RCU just for shits and giggles about Jon's "inverted hovering" , and people got all kind of bent out of shape. It was pretty funny. (sad too, but funny)
Is that a homemade CDrom motor? Anyone know what all that says? MSIE doesn't translate it very well, and my German is kinda rusty. :roll: (well ok, my German is limited to "danke"!)
Couldnt tell you a thing about the site.

Word is that the variable pitch part is from a small electric helicopter. The motor looks to be comercial from the anodised effect so there may be a step by step guide to modify them both soon.

I think the motor is custom made. Thats Holger Lambertus's web site. He's the same guy who made the Chipsledde motor. Theres also another unanodized motor on that page that looks like it could be a prototype or something.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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