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The Knife After 423 Flights...

886 Views 6 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  GaryB's been pretty good for a 3D trainer and pretty durable...but maybe it's time to add another profile to my hangar - anyone with any opinions on the Katana GS 40 ARF from OMP vs. the Extreme Flight Edge 540T Fun Fly?...
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Well, first let me say I don't HOW you kept that thing looking so good after 423 flights!!!! Second, to do rolling harrier circles with a Knife you GOTTA be good!!!!! Either of the ARFs you mentioned would sure be good, but you raelly want a Sledge!!!Just watching you fly that made me think what you do with a Sledge!!! But then I am partial!

Good flying man!!
...thanks - but actually probably more tail heavy than good - i'm quite a ways behind the recommended CG for this plane and it seems to really help the 3D potential of the Knife... for looking that good after 423 flights, some would argue the Knife ARF doesn't look good right out of the box! hehe! (i didn't like the looks at first but after flying it for 2 1/2 years i've gotten used to it)......some planes you are just lucky with - only had the engine die in a hover twice (ran it out of fuel once and once the fuel line popped off the Saito) - both times i was over tall grass!...
Thats some good flying dude. I really like the rolling harrier circles. You can check out the review for one right here and the other is in there too. ... .php?t=490
I've had both... if my ef edge was un-repairable, i'd get on the list for another one. problem is that the next batch wont come in very soon.

both are nice planes, but the ef edge is outstanding.

sweet video :D very nice.
...thanks for all the advice and links guys! - the EF Edge sounds impressive...but December is a long way off...and the new improved version of the OMP Katana ARF is shipping shortly...decisions, decisions...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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