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Well, I may not know how to spell it, but I sure know how to do it!!!

When I first joined this local club last summer, I was the only one flying Profiles.

Now, there are at least TWO other people at the club who have profiles. And they are asking ME how to set them up (Boy that is dangerous!)!

I'm doing the best I can to help them down the 3D road.

It's good that this club is open to the 3D mindset.

I'm glad to see these other guys interested in 3D flying. Let's see how many can be "influenced" this year! :D :shock: :twisted:

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I'm telling ya, it's infectious!!! It's like we're missionarys to a lost world of bored circle flyers!!!! Preach the Gospel of flat planes and 3D lovin', YOU GO BROTHER LATCH!!!!!!!!!!
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