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Thanks for the freakin' anxiety attack!

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So, I'm pulling in the driveway, and notice a box on the porch. I have ordered a few things recently, and couldn't wait to see what showed up first. I walk up, and see the label says "Tower Trainer 40 Kit". My blood boils. What the hell did I order that showed up as a freakin' trainer! I don't need a freakin' trainer, and if I did, it wouldn't be a freakin' Tower Trainer! Geeze, I can't get anything right, what isn't going to show up now? I can't believe I ordered this freakin' piece crap! I don't even know what this freakin' thing costs! Now I gotta call, and get a freakin' return authorization! What a freakin' hastle!

Then I notice the shipping label. From Paul Swanson. OOPS! It's the Swany Plane I ordered.

Thanks Paul, for the anxiety attack, and getting my kit here so fast. Everything looks good in the box. Good wood, and clean cuts.

I'll let you guys know how it comes out. :D
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Swany just wanted to make sure your blood boiled a little!
It worked, but I'm better now... :wink:
So what'd ya get??

And where did Pauly get a TRAINER BOX??
I got the one that Paul doesn't know anything about... :wink:

As for the trainer box, I guess he finally decided to learn to fly on the wing. :lol:
LOL!!!!! :lol: :wink: Got rid of that EF, Man you do move fast!!!!!!!
EF XXX...I heard about a Bro that got caught up in a BIG TIME CON, Some real slick CON artist traded him out of a Prize winning SLEDGE for a XXX EF... :shock:
Don't hold back Bill, what do you really think?
Yes, the EF sold and was picked up on Thursday. On Friday, I test flew it for the guy with his brand new Saito 82 on it. BTW, his 82 out tached my 72 by almost 1000rpm, and he was still plenty rich.

I'll let you guys in on my plan, and you guys can keep me focused on it.

I'm gonna build a Sorta Sledge-like thing, with the following changes. First, I'll do the tail like my other one was. I'll add a full inch to each elevator and the rudder (maybe 1 1/2 inches). I'm gonna stretch the 46 inch wing to a 52 inch wing by re-spacing the ribs. I'll build oversized ailerons to bring to wing area to 793+/- squares. I'll add 1/2 inch in height to the top and bottom of the fuselage. I'll make the tail 1 inch longer. I'll power it with a Saito 91. I hope to be at or below 6 pounds, and I think that should be pretty easy. It will be about a 118% Sledge-like thing when I'm done. I'll probably do an OMP style foam fuselage to make it easier.

If it flies good, I call it a Super Sledge. If it sucks, I'll pretend I never built it... :wink:
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All that sounds good....Except the engine. Sorta wimpy for a Super Sledge! Go with the 100 or even the YS 1.10. I think the .91 is suited to the "Regular" Sledge, at around 4 pounds 6oz. :wink:

Really though, keep us informed!!
I should have known you were going to say that. Your Tonka Sledge did inspire the project, but to me, the Sledge is a hair too small for a 91, even a Saito. I wanted to make the shape look like it was designed for a 91, and the minimal expansion I ve decided on seems pretty good.

Next to the EF Edge, the Sledge looks like a 46 to 72 plane. I never felt that way about it until the EF Edge hit. If I had never seen one, I'd slap the 91 in a Sledge and probably just fly it.

I do have a YS 91 FZ, but that's promissed to the glider guys this season. It's in the Super Cub I built, and that's one hell of an engine. The Cub is 12 pounds easy, and the YS will pull it almost straight up off of the ground with a 15x8. I almost had a Saito 100, but I was 5 minutes too late making up my mind. So now I have a 91. As long as I hit 6 pounds or less, I'm good.
WTF EF=#1. makes my flying a whole lot better than it is...G
WTF EF=#1. makes my flying a whole lot better than it is...G
Dude, it's a OG Bro thing!! I saw you making it sing, so I've got nothing to say about the planes own abilities......It's just not my cup of tea! But it's doing it's job, I wanted it to learn to TR better, and it's doing that. It doesn't mean much to me so I'll TR it on the deck and love it!!
I did chuckled a little to myself when I realized I was shipping you your stuff in a Tower trainer box..... :D

The other box I had I ended up giving to Spinner with some stuff he wanted....

and for the Record... I like the EF Edge too... I just think I'd like it better with a 2 stroke on her...
Hey Paul, can you give me the run down on how to sheet the leading edge with the tri stock piece?

The other plane I built had the 3/8x1 sheet piece for a LE, and then after sanding it, the sheeting glued to the top and bottom of that. From there it glued to the ribs. The tri stock LE is exactly the size of the rib LE, so, I can't butt glue the sheeting to it.

What is the best way to sheet it to be able to sand it to shape?
Glue the Tri stock on, then sand to the contour of the rib. Then glue your sheeting on and overlap the tri stock by about 3/8" - 1/2". Repeat for the bottom... Then just razor plane to shape. Don't sand too much on the edge you'll have where the tri stock meets the rib....

A better way to do it is with a piece of 3/8" thick trapazoid cut with a 30 degree taper on it.... I can cut some for you if you want 'em.
The tri stock LE is glued on already.

So I'm sheeting from the ribs to about 1/2 way down the tri stock, and then shaping that into a rounded LE?
Yup...... Just don't try for a perfectly round leading edge... There will be a slight ridge where the rib breaks to the tri.... No biggie... won't affect perfomance at all.
Sounds like a plan.

TailTwister said:
What is the best way to sheet it to be able to sand it to shape?
I prefer this method: Pay someone else!!!! :lol:
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