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Thanks Billy

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Billy, I just wanted to take a minute and personally thank you for all the time and effort that must have gone into putting this site together. It's awesome and a great place for all of us to share information. I don't know a lot about web sites, but don't these things cost money? I certainly hope that you're not footing the bill out of your own pocket, but I have a feeling that you are. If that's the case, is there anything that we can do to help defer some or all of the costs? Maybe we could kick some of the profits from the sale of the Pro Bro merchandise back to you to help with the costs of this website?

If I'm off base with my comments, please forgive me. If any of the other brothers care to jump in here, I would certainly welcome their thoughts on this matter. My intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings or stick my nose in where it doesn't belong. It's just that Billy has done so much for us already, I don't think it's fair that he should have to finance this web site out of his own pocket. Just my .02 cents worth.

I live in Pennsylvania, NW of Philly, and fly out of the Valley Forge field. That's right, we have a beautiful flying field in the State Park where George W. and his men camped out way back when. If you 'd like to see our club, we have our own website:

We have about 220 members, and a few of us are starting to get into 3D flying, but for the most part, we're really new at it. Personally, I just soloed this July, and am building my first two OMP Edges this winter-hopefully for next spring. I also have an electric 3DX that I'm trying to get together. Those of us trying to learn 3D are learning to co-exist with the established members of the club that aren't comfortable with people trying to hover over the runway and things like that. It's working out just fine-plenty of room for everyone.

I have learned an awful lot just by reading all of the different things that various Pro Bro members have contributed over the last year. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge in this group. I can honestly say that every question that I asked was quickly answered by one or several of the brothers, and I appreciate that very much.

Are you thinking of discontinuing the other Pro Bro web sites now that this site is up and running? I personally wouldn't miss Yahoo very much.

Again Billy, thank you for all your hard work.

Pro Bro #222
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I too wish to thank Billy -- I am very new to 3D also -- Love to watch the guys at the field with thier big 35 and 40% planes fly, and always wished I could do it , but due to budget constraints (the wife) I knew I would not be able to get one of the big birds for quite sometime - until I found the Pro Bro's -- I now have the ability to start learning the 3D.

I too would be willing to donate a few bucks for the webhosting or Billy's development time --as I know how much time and money goes into setting up and maintaining a great site such as this (I host several sites with forums as well).

THANKS AGAIN BILLY for the great site.

Mike D
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I'm just excited that people are using the board and like the site. Don't sweat the $. I worked hard to make this place but I also really wanted to do it. It's kind of like that plane you know you have to build because you can't think of anything else. Now the easy part is adding great stuff that will make it better and give you guys a reason to keep coming back.
Love the site Bro, keep up the great work........................... :tu:

:shock: :lol:
Blast from the past!! Well I hope everyone is still enjoying this pretty damn large amount of 3d and profile goodness. Now that I run 3 other forums (RCGroups, Flying Giants and Crack Roll - I actually just do advertising for the Giants) the Bro site is more of a place I go to for fun and to see my friends...which is what this place was started for in the first place. I hope it is still being that for all of yall'.
Great posting Vince.

Thanks Jim also from me.
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