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Tater says "Howdy"

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I learned to fly RC at the end of last summer - on a combat Bat Trick. Now I want to learn 3d. I have a PBF - what a hoot - but I plan to build something to get me a little respect down at the air field. BTW - it will be my first balsa. I've narrowed the list down to a Burrito, or a Burrito. As soon as I pick out an engine, order the kit, build the kit & install the goodies - I'll be up there harrassing the Circle Jerks with the rest of you.
:D Woohoo - at last - I to am a rebel!!! :lol:
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Hey Tater, I've flown Open B against Fredricks the Mad Doctor. He's also cut some CNC foam cores for me.

Good to have you aboard!!
I met Fredricks at our last combat meet - hell of a nice guy...

Chuck - I see that you're from Pampa. I designed a piece of the equipment at your wastewater treatment plant. Now you can think of me at least 3 times daily :mrgreen: You know - corn don't completely digest.
Small world!

I'd like to shoot the breeze, but for some reason I feel nature calling :D
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