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Super Tigre 3200

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Can any one give me the low down on these Im looking for an engine for my 80 inch profile Edge. The price is right but how do the run?
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I've seen a ST 23 run good. I don't know about the 32cc
I have run both the 3000, 3000k, as well as the 3250s. I sold my 3250 because the only prop I had that it liked, a 22x6 did not allow for enough prop clearance for its intended airframe.

There is a lot of bad, horrible and more bad advice on RCU on this engine. Dont even think of turning more than 8200 and getting any kind of good throttle response. You need to really load these beasts down. Not sure why loading them down improves throttle response, but it does. I run my current 3000k at 7400 to 7700 with a 19x8wide and 20x8 apc.

I tried the jett carb on my 3250 before I sold it and it was outstanding. Its pricy, 75 bucks, but you get just about DA 50 performance with it as well as it becomming a gas guzzler. I never got to try a larger prop than a 22x6 zinger (8800 rpmon it but I think it would have been comfy with a 24x6.

I've also heard of peeps changing the carbs, but these are the same folks using 18x8 (or similar size)top flight props. I've heard horrer stories about this motor but the secret is very simple, load the fucker down! If it farts on throttle up, you dont have enough prop on it.

Even in the OMP forum some guy recommeded a 18x6 on my 3000 to get better throttle response. Sorry dude, you are wrong! and that kind of advice is just killing the rep of these great motors.

oh yeah, people on RCU swear that you need to run an OS f plug "or it wont run" or some shit like that. Hes probably turning an 18-6 wide or some crap. Run just about any plug you like. I have had a K&B 1L in there for over a year now. And they also seem to run on any fuel. I run rich's brew ST blend, but I always mix in a little full castor fuel (just superstition I guess)

sorry for the rant, hehe. This is the only motor I feel qualified to comment on cause I love it soooo much.
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One day i'm gonna get an OMP yak or sebatana for this motor. one day...
I think I can get by with a 22-24 inch prop without a problem on this plane. Tower has them on sale for about $180...I wander if that includes the muffler.
no, it doesnt include the muffler. not to say you will have any luck with your muffler, but I didnt and will sell it to you reeeal cheap. Only used once!

I had the best luck on all 3 with the pitts with low restriction.
Well, I beat Constrictor so I'll get annother good word in. My ST 3000 is great. Took a little tweaking of the carb, but that was me not knowing it had 3 ways of adjusting instead of 2.

I mix my own fuel for it because it's SOOOOOOO thirsty, just Meth and 10% oil, or even less (once broke in) It's less than $4 a gallon that way. If you get one, I'll send you this sheet I got from teck support about making them work right. Pretty good stuff.

Let's see, I like the Enya "hot" plug, but that's because of the zero nitro. And I run the 20x6 prop. So the 22x6 sounds right for the 3250. And I agree, keep it under 8K RPM, these are NOT "How fast will it turn" motors!!

Annother cool thing about these motors is the sound, it's lower, like a Four stroke. I like it.
I own a 3000K carburator and that really helps gas mileage. You can buy the little restrictor that fits INSIDE the carb (not to be confused with the reducer ring that fits around an aftermarket carb so it fits) and reduces the amount of air the motor takes in. It also seems to make it easier to tune too.
How does that affect power? Seems like it wouldn't be as much. Can you take a picture of this restrictor?
sure i'll take a pic. I lose about 100-200 rpm depending on the prop.

SUPG2420 22623366 Carb Intake Restrictor 3000K.
coveredup said:
sure i'll take a pic. I lose about 100-200 rpm depending on the prop.
Well that sounds like not much!! I'll try it. Thanks for the link.
I have had both a ST 2300 and a 3000, i absolutly loved them. I used a 22x8 on my 3000 and spun it around 7800. I shouldn't have sold them, they were awesome.
How about a giant mouse can muffler? Maybe a paint can or something anybody try anything along that line?
dhooks said:
Maybe a paint can or something anybody try anything along that line?
LOL That would get someones attention eh?? :wink:
Wheres Dave Mcdonald he probably has 3 of them.
I used a 22x8 on my 3000 and spun it around 7800. I shouldn't have sold them, they were awesome.
There ya go. I get about 7800 with a 20x8 as a result of the reducer...
I just picked up a used 3000 with a JTec muffler. I'd like to know more about mixing up my own fuel, and I'd like that sheet you have Gordo.
If it's broken in already Q, you can go straight to home brew, if not I say break it in on 5% nitro ST blend, I used 3 gallons. Basically, just find a race shop that has Methanol, get a good can that will seal up really well. I use clotz brand synthetic, and a little bit of SIG castor. I started at 12% oil and slowly went down to I think 8%.

I'll send you a copy of the sheet, or I may scan it. Let me find it and see what condition it is in.
It's had 4 gallons through it.

Thanks rock!
Hey Gordo could you send me a copy of that sheet too?
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