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strong 70ish two stroke

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who makes a good strong 70 or 80 size two stroke must be reliable would a 90 be two much on a hangar 9 sport cap 232 :lol:
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No such thing as too much!!! The OS 90 Fx weighs essentially the same as the 61 and fits the same mounting pattern. I'd use it before a 60 size motor. Tower has a .76 and GMS has one aboutthat size too. It may even be the same engine, just a different name in the casting. Iv'e heard that before. OS has a 70 heli engine but it's a bit pricey.
I had a sport cap for a while....never actually flew it but they are a tad on the heavy side....about 7.5 lbs I think with only 600inchish of wing area. Point being a .90 would work just fine. I had a GMS .76 that was a decent running engine an would be a good choice for this plane. Dont plan on doing any 3D with it though. :wink:
just got back with a os 91 fx forgot the pits muffler whats a good free flowing pitts for it yea i loved my old one it would harrier roll great hovered good wish it had ailerons like the bme maniac
i think the real question is do you really want a "sport" cap :?
yea i know shaking head i loved my old one :oops: :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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