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So here are some samples of the stickers.

and these for good measure:
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That is the next part. Give me a day or so to figure out how to take orders, shipping costs and everything else. You won't have to wait long!
They look great. Are they from Strat Cat?
I'm having these made locally. I hate not to use Strat but the first round of t shirts taught me a big lesson. Getting these things out (as well as the shirts and hats) is really time consuming so I want to make it as easy as possible. I'm looking at 2 or 3 colors. I'm putting my PayPal shop together now and I recreated all the graphics to get the smoothest cut I can on these things.
Billy tried calling you .. wrong number.


That looks like Boogerboy's work...especially coro sample sheets :D . Good stuff, I like them.
Hey Billy sorry to change the thread a bit. But I would like to get a T shirt or two with the new logo. A size now hold on to your hat lol. 5X is that doable?
Shirts are already in the works. I now have initial numbers of what people want so I get a a good price on at least that many shirts. I figure more people will want them when I actually start taking money.
My plan is to get the stickers going tonight on the site. Then I'll do the math on the shirts and get PayPal going on those. Then when all that is underway I'll work on some nice embroidered hats (I already have the guy).
Sound good?

(With the pre-orders I can get any size you want. )
Great Billy put me down for Two of those 5X shirts. :) And maybe just maybe you could throw them houston way for the Pro Bro in March :)
When I get it going you can place the order on the site. I'm hoping to make up a bunch of extra shirts to take to Houston.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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