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Alright. The stickers are ready to go. The colors are good. The PayPal is going. I wanted to run the sizes by you guys and see if this worked:

Decal sizes are as follows: logo-7X8", tribal logo (flame Pro Bro from the top of the page)-14.5X3", 1% logo-9X5", the circle ama no #9 decal is 7", the 3-D tail touch is not a crime is 6.5X7".
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Hey Billy, I presume these will be vinyl graphics? And is there and e-commerce type page where we can select stickers and process the order?

Looks good to me.
OK, how do we get 'em man? I'm ready.
Set 1 is ready to go (logo, 1percenter, PRO BRO flame).
I have a Set 2 (No number 9, Tail Touching is not a crime and sticker isn't made yet but should be any second. I can post the page and let ordering begin.
Just so that I'm clear, the sizes you posted are the final "cut"? And what we get is a cut vinyl or something, not a colored sicker with another color background? Like the one shown is a black sticker and it was applied to a red surface, right? Not a sticker that is a black logo on top of a red background. That's probably a silly question, so let the badgering begin...

Also, I'm signed up for a shirt when the time comes. Please add me on one hat, whenever it happens.

That's a rockin' sombrero!

For the record, I like the new logo.
Yes it's cut vinyl. It is shown on a red background on the site. I'll clarify that on the page tonight.

The shirts are next. I'll get going today on that.
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