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Some Tree Trimming

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He is I trimming some trees in my backyard with my Sledge. ... imming.wmv

check back in 5 minutes after i upload the vid again
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scole, you link is broken, you have a gap in tree trimming...
Love the landing at the end... now if you could just take off from there... ROT :)
Even wonder why its so weird, that when your in an open area nothing in sight you can hover perfectly still for so long, and then when you hover in your backyard you cant keep it still for shit?

Anyway, thanks guys, it was pretty fun, but the tips of my $4 12.25x3.75 are gone. That's gonna be a lot of money.
yeah, that's my webra 50 with an os 4a airbleed carb and 30 sized muffler
yeah, that's my webra 50 with an os 4a airbleed carb and 30 sized muffler
too bad it runs like shit :D
...obviously, a good combination (i downloaded it at work and my speakers don't work on my new computer...that was the reason i had to ask whether it was a 2 or 4 stroke - now i'll have to download it at home so i can hear the "music")...
...i checked it out with sound at home last night...too cool...but not just the flying...

...your engine setup interests me - you've restricted the power (RPM's) of your Webra 50 by using a smaller throat, air bleed carburetor...and restricted it further by using a 30 sized muffler...and achieved a power band that resembles a 4 stroke...more torque at lower RPM's...ingenious!...

...or am i mssing something here...
that's exactly what i was planning, it came true.
Dude, that's impressive!!!!

Just when I thought my flying skills might be up to par I see this, hovering in a backyard full of trees! That rocks. :rockon:
Scole, cool vid man! That landing sure was something to get all choked up about. LOL! Ask him to do it again. I'll bet he cann't!! :lol:
Dang I thought I was nuts for tree triming bhind our got that one beat.......LOL
That was some good entertainment Scole. Is the hooded jacket so that you cant be identified incase the video finds itself in the hands of the AMA?

:wink: :lol:
Good one Spinner, lol, it was freezing out that day, like 50 degrees.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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