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some sweet ass video from camodels

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i guess this is the place to post this..
i've been checking out these planes for a while,,,yes i know they are full figured but a cool plane is a cool plane...well they finaly got some good video up and its worth looking at, if you have high speed web, the epsilon,the pitts stinker, the widebody electric, and the fantasy, are the videos i've seen so far. the aerial video is too cool
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You're right. Nice looking planes. I've seen that Pitts Stinker someplace...some magazine add.

I like the Funky 40. That would make a NICE electric.

I used to be really in love with the 33% and larger. I've got a 25% Pitts I'm working on now. It's gonna be a nice plane, but I'm not sure I want to go any larger anymore. At least until the kids are grown up. My current family life doesn't fit to well with the larger planes.
i hear that, i thought i would love my 65" yak which isnt even that big, i just do not enjoy flying it as much as i thought i would, and its a pain to take to the field and setup, my small stuff i can fly anywhere, with less pucker too..
I've got a few bigger birds, and I agree, the've been less fun. I'm having the most fun electrifying things right now. My eKatana is slowly pushing my Burrito out of it's #1 spot with me. I'm starting to look at everything in the light of "what would be a good E setup on that?"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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