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Some cheap Lipo loose cells FWIW

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Here is a great chance to buy some 2600 Mah lipo cells with nickle tabs so you can solder directly to the tab.

You will still have to solder them into packs, add connectors, blah, blah. But, they are $18 ea, so a 3S 2600 pack will set you back less than $55.

And that's cheap.

These are the same cells that Irate uses, great cells. Read the whole thread, seems like the guy used to be a partner with CheapBatteryPacks.
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What would that normally cost chuck?
Anybody want to do a ProBro tutorial on building lipo packs? I'd like to get into this.
dhooks said:
What would that normally cost chuck?
The loose cells would normally be $22.50 ea. If made into a pack by CBP, it would run $73.50 for a 3S pack. For a CBP pack with taps, it's $97.50. For a 3S 2600 Tanic pack with taps, it's $87.50 (I think??)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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