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Slimey Servos

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Well, I've got a few flights on my new OMP Edge and I only have one issue with the setup. The Saito 72 exhaust is being propwashed quite well onto the tail of the bird. And those tail mounted servos are getting slimed up pretty good.

I'm sure some of the Pro Bro's have 'been there- done that'. Anybody installed a deflector or such? How about a large piece of Tri-stock just in front of the servo? Or I seem to remember something about using part of a plastic soda bottle?
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The only thing I do is make sure I clean the servos well at the end of the day. It might look a little funny, but you could prolly make some little "shields" by cutting apart a plastic spinner package and gluing it in front of/over your servos. I've tried exhaust deflectors but they don't seem to do much good (at least for me).

(hey if you hover low enough long enough you can put a big goo spot on the ground! :shock: :wink: )
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