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Slick xxl

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Every now and then i go out on a limb,so heres the newest. Bought a slick xxl from wm park flyers. Did not know if any one had tried it,looks good going threw the box. And how best to paint this foam. 46in i think,so its big for a flat wing foamy,one of the reasons i wanted to try it,see if it like a big 202. Any and all thoughts invited.
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Duck tape for masking. Use the back of the fingernail to stick it down just on the edge. Spray light coats pointed away from your making. Unless it’s real stiff it’ll probably be a floppy turd. It won’t compare very well to a smaller foamy.
I’m interested in hearing about this one. I was looking at this one and the RA Cores yak/ Yal XL but I have enough projects for this year.
This is a shot in the dark,but i had to try it. I will check for stiffness as i build it,add some carbon as needed. Never thought of duck tape,thanks,manley wanted to add color to help my old eyes. I got some HK covering to stick to 202,that helped. I spread some glue on my 202 to help on stick hinges,it worked fairly well.
I will try to post some pics as i build it,in there vid it look good. How a flat wing does so good blows all i thought away,thicker wings give more lift i thought,not true. So,is there a end point,i mean, just how big can a flat wing be. Maybe the end is where the wing cant support the weight.
I'm flying a 39" WM McFoamy XL. It's a fun plane. Definitely slower than the G202 you are used to - and bigger, so you will see it better. Mine came with a sweet paint scheme. I thought you could order all WM planes painted for little extra $ ?
Krylon "short cuts" is a foam safe paint. I haven't used it, but I have some to try on a project.
They will paint them for you,i got this on a whim,did not think it threw. Lots of cf,all parts are 1/2 thick,dont look to be hard to put together. Its got pics a plenty,but no written instructions witch would help. I think going be as you said,slower in flight and easier to see,any 3d i dont know,maybe,the controls are huge.
I dont know why i have so hard a time with pics. Its me for shure. Any way,heres some foam parts working on. Lots of cf,trying to take floppy out,1/2 in thick all parts,plus some wood parts and landing gear and wheels. Using G G glue and going by pics,guessing at build order.
And,whats up with this one click join the bros,every time i open up there it is,be carefull,one wrong click and down you go. Must be pushing for new members. You guys on the fence,dont miss out,i feel bro approved kits coming soon. Thanks again Doug,for cutting them kits so bros can [get it up]. Guess i will go to shop,turn on some heat and glue some foam. I messed up already,did you see it,no big deal,i blame it on old age. Some will say[ senile].
Looks good Plug! I had looked at that one a few times and thought it looked pretty good.
What glue are you using to put that thing together? Looks like Gorilla Glue.
Yes,using gorilla glue,its slow,if real careful not to messey. This thing is getting big,the cf thats inset gives it good strength,its everywhere. So far i have got it flat,the real test to come. Never seen a big flat wing fly,well pbf i guess be flat. The leading edges being square dont seem right,but it works for them. Uses bunch of cf rods cross ways for bracing,see if i can get a pic. I like the way 202 used foam in a v to brace the fus. These 1 click adds are a pain,so easy to hit one tap to join,the old way was good enough,we all got here.
Get a bottle of Foam Tac. Works way better, not messy at all, and dries clear.
I like sumo glue. I think locktite makes it as well as Go2 Glue from locktite.
It dries clear and stays slightly flexible but the bond is incredible. Waterproof as well. It’s what ModelAero always recommended for their float plane kits. I’ve used it ever sense.
I hate Gorilla Glue!
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Yeah, gorilla glue is good for what it's good for, but I wouldn't build a foamy with it, it won't flex at all. Some good advice on glues already, and I'll add I use hot glue for foam. Stays flexible, and holds excellent.
Yeah, gorilla glue is good for what it's good for, but I wouldn't build a foamy with it, it won't flex at all. Some good advice on glues already, and I'll add I use hot glue for foam. Stays flexible, and holds excellent.

Yes I would use hot glue before I would use gorilla glue on a plane like this even if it adds a little weight.
Gorilla Glue has a new clear, no foaming version that works pretty well. I'm using it on hinges with good results.
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Well shucks,just when i thought i had glues under control. I have seen the clear,did not know if it works. Guess i need to go to HD,see what they got. Biggest thing is GG is so slow. Never tried hot glue,one more thing to try i guess. So,whos the winner for foam,perhapes foam tack. Thanks guys,i will reread you post cause now i be confused.
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